What is FB Ad Monetization?

Facebook ad Monetization is a tool that Facebook uses to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements, and more importantly, how much they are able to profit from those advertisements. The main purpose of FB Ad Monetization is for marketers to gain understanding into which type of ads work best, but it also allows advertisers, businesses and social media managers to optimize their ad campaigns by maximizing performance on a wide variety of metrics.

FB Ad Monetization’s various metrics allow you make informed decisions about the future direction your business may take. These metrics analyze a user’s visit to your website after seeing your sponsored post on Facebook. Depending on the type of ad you choose to run, FB Ad Monetization helps determine what you can expect in terms of financial outcomes or ROI (return on investment) based upon how many people visited your site from sponsored content.

For example, if you bought a sponsored post in order to sell products through Facebook, the outcome of the campaign will be measured in terms of how many people clicked through from Facebook to your website. Combating with this measure is the conversion rate of those users who did visit your website.

In the world of digital marketing, the conversion rate is a crucial metric as it tells you how many of your visitors are actually converting into email subscribers. The higher your conversion rate, the more money you make per impression. When evaluating ad performance, users browsing Facebook tend to spend more time on your site according to AdRoll’s data revealing that they spent an average of 9 minutes and 38 seconds on their visit there.

In addition, Facebook has outlined a number of ways in which their advertisers can track the success of their ad campaigns. For starters, you can choose to see how many people saw your sponsored content. This tells you how much exposure your campaign has received and helps you gauge how well-shared your content actually is. In addition, it also shows users who have liked your page as a result of viewing the ad and how many people purchased a product from the website after viewing the ad on Facebook.

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