Aruna Shanbaug rape case verdict

Aruna Shanbaug, raped 37 years ago, restricted to a hospital bed, and in a semi-comatose state, will have to stay at the same hospital where she was raped in Mumbai. The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal for euthanasia filed on Ms Shanbaug’s behalf. The two judges hearing the case also praised the nurses at Mumbai’s KEM hospital for the medical care they have provided for Ms Shanbaug.

The judges said that they cannot sanction “passive euthanasia” because Ms Virani’s relationship to the patient does not give her the right to petition on Ms Shanbaug’s behalf. Ms Virani, who has written a book on Ms Shanbaug, had said that keeping the patient alive violates her right to live with dignity. Her argument is that Ms Shanbaug can’t speak, hear or even think for herself.

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