bismillah khan shehnai free download | bismillah khan shehnai

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bismillah khan shehnai free download | bismillah khan shehnai

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Ustad bismillah khan sahib (urdu: استاد بسم اللہ خان صاحب; telugu:ఉస్తాద్ బిస్మిల్లా ఖాన్; march 21, 1916 – august 21, 2006) was an indian shehnai maestro. He was the third classical musician to be awarded the bharat ratna (in 2001), the most eminent civilian honour in india and gained across the world acclaim for playing the shehnai for over eight decades

Bismillah khan was possibly single handedly responsible for making the shehnai a famous classical instrument. He brought the shehnai to the center stage of indian music with his concert in the calcutta all india music group discussion in 1937. He was credited with having closely monopoly over the instrument as he and the shehnai are closely synonyms.

Khan is one of the finest musicians in post-independent indian classical music and one of the most skillful examples of hindu-muslim unity in india and had played shenai to audience across the world. He was known to be dedicated to his artwork form that he denoted to shehnai as his begum, wife in urdu, after his wife passed from physical life. On his death, as an honour, his shehnai was in addition buried along with him. He was known for his imagination of distributing peace and love through music.
“ even whether or not the world ends, the music will still survive ”
“ music has no caste ”

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