Hrithik can’t get over Barbara
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Sunday, 03 January 2010 08:59


Hrithik Roshan is crazy about his new co-star Barbara Mori and can’t get over her, he even confessed this recently infront of good buddy Karan Johar.

Hrithik Roshan loves Barbara but cannot take his relationship forward because he is committed to Suzzanne, this had led to a drastic change in him.

A co-star of Hrithi says, “Hrithik used to be one of the most balanced people around but suddenly one hears that he and his cronies, which include several well-known names, party almost every night and some of the things that go on there are alarming. Everyone in the industry knows about this, but no one will talk.”

Hrithik is also asking his directors to cast Barbara Mori opposite him so that he can spend more and more time with her.

Wonder if the rumors are true or not?



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