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In 1960, when the old Mumbai State was bifurcated into the present States of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Mumbai city fell to the share of Maharastra. It was then decided to build and entirely new capital for Gujarat. Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s new capital city, rises on the west bank of the Sabarmati river, about 32 kms. north east of Ahmedabad, the commercial and cultural heart of Gujarat. Gandhinagar presents the spacious, well-organized look of an architecturally integrated city. Around the Central Government compels, stretch 30 sectors into which the city has been divided. Each sector has its own shopping and community center, primary school, health center, Government and private housing. Apart from which there is a generous provision for wide open green parks, extensive planting and a large recreational area along the river giving the city a lush green garden-city atmosphere.

Places Of Interest

Akshardham :
The most famous temple of “Swaminarayan sect” the richest sect in the world. The temple is built by pink stones with beautiful carvings. It is surrounded by lush green gardens and admirable fountains.
How To Get There :
Air : Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad .
Rail : Nearest Railway Stations are Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.
Road : State transport buses connects various centers of Gujarat. It is situated 32 kms. north east of Ahmedabad
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