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Xperia X7 upcoming Sony Ericsson Mobile | Sony Ericsson X7- A New Windows Phone 7 Handset |

Sony Ericsson has ditched Symbian to bet on Android moving forward. A rumor has also suggested that the company is working on two Windows Phone models, including the Sony Ericsson Xperia X7 and Xperia X7 Mini. Hands-on images of the former seem to have been posted to a Microsoft forum, revealing that the Xperia X7 [...]

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Eye care for computer users | Eye Care for Computer Gamers and Computer Users

We were born to have hunters’ eyes, needed for spotting game or danger at a distance. But during the last 50 years nearly all our work and much of our recreation, for example, video games, has shifted focus of our vision to arm’s length. This increased amount of near visual tasks often produces such changes [...]

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Apple iPad Prices Slashed for India | Apple slashes first gen iPad prices by Rs. 3000 | Price of every iPad model dropped by around Rs. 3,400

After Apple slashed $100 on all iPad 1 models in the US, it has announced a similar price cut in India. The price cut in India is close to Rs. 3000 on each model. Instead of paying Rs. 27,900 for the entry-level 16GB Wi-Fi only version you will now pay Rs. 24,500. The new prices [...]

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Google will build new safeguards into Android Market | Google confirms it pulled malicious Android apps | Google Android is forecasted to drive smartphone sales

After several days of silence on the issue, Google has confirmed that it removed several malicious apps from its Android Market earlier this week and said that it would remove the apps from users’ devices as well.. Only devices running an Android version earlier than version 2.2.2 were susceptible to the rogue apps, which took [...]

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Apple tablet proves detractors wrong | Laptops play catch up to the iPad, Xoom |

Its a cold morning in central London but crowds inside Apple’s two-floorstore on Regent Street are already beginning to build. Though advertising for the new iPad2 “due to be released in London on March 25” is yet to go up, the excitement about Wednesday’s launch was palpable. “I want one for my birthday,” enthused James, [...]

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Vodafone Postpaid Bill | Different ways to get Vodafone Postpaid bill | How to pay Vodafone postpaid bill

Vodafone Postpaid Bill Vodafone is one of the largest telecom providers spread across the globe. Vodafone postpaid bill payment is one of the simplest tasks. The following information gives you more detail on Vodafone postpaid bill payment. Different ways to get Vodafone Postpaid bill Vodafone postpaid bill via email. Vodafone postpaid bill via SMS Vodafone [...]

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LG Announces Limited Edition Cricket WC 2011 Optimus One | Limited Edition Cricket World Cup 2011 Version of LG Optimus One launched

Are you a really big cricket fan who is equally interested in android devices? If so, here is the perfect gadget for you – the Limited Edition World Cup Cricket LG Optimus One. This phone has a shiny gold world cup 2011 logo etched on the back and is even more stylish than the original [...]

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Sony Ericsson Launching New Mobile In India | Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro to start shipping on June 1st

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo may start shipping on April 1st, but you’ll have to sweat it out for another 2 months if your after it’s QWERTY-wielding sibling, the Xperia Pro. According to Clove.co.uk, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro won’t start shipping until June 1st, 2 months after the Xperia arc, Play and Neo hit [...]

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Nokia N8 Producers winning videos watch online | Winning Videos of Nokia N8 Producers contest

These videos really highlight what can now be achieved with a Nokia N8. There’s no need to spend lots of money on specialised equipment, just pull the phone out of your pocket and you can get amazing results. Congratulations to the winners! We can’t wait to see if anymore videos emerge from the zero-gravity experience, [...]

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Nokia N8 Producers Winners list | Winners of Nokia N8 Producers

GLOBAL – Back in December we wrote about a competition for budding filmmakers, who – armed with a Nokia N8 – could win a zero-gravity experience if they made something amazing. The winners have been picked and they recently embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime flight to experience zero-gravity. Nine excited – but nervous – Nokia N8 Producers [...]

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