champaran movement | Gandhi ji role in Champaran Movement | Mahathma Gandhi

champaran movement | Gandhi ji role in Champaran Movement | Mahathma Gandhi

Champaran Movement of Gandhi Ji

10th Apr 1917
Gandhiji arrives Patna in way to Champaran with Raj Kumar Shukla. Stayed for some moment with Mazharul Haq. Started for Muzafferpur. Prof J. B. Kriplani welcomes at Muzafferpur Station. Stayed in Hostel during Night.

11th Apr 1917
In Muzafferpur met James Willsin the secretary of Bagan Malik Sangh and told him the reason of his coming.

12th Apr 1917
Wrote letter and sought permission to meet from commissioner of Tirhut.

13th Apr 1917
Gandhiji met Commissioner Mars Head and later wrote a letter about subject of his Enquiry.

15th Apr 1917
Gandhiji arrives Motihari at 3P.M. and stayed at the residence of Gorakh Prasad, advocate.

16th Apr 1917
In the way to Jasualipatti village, Gandhiji was served order by government of leaving district by first available train. Gandhiji returned to Motihari and gave letter of his intension of not obeying the order to District Magistrate W B Hekak.

17th Apr 1917
Wrote a letter to District Magistrate showing his willingness to go to nearby village.

18th Apr 1917
Appeared in the court of Sub Divisional Magistrate of Motihari and gave Historic Statement of reason for not obeying the order. Case was adjourned till 21st Apr. Gandhiji changed his residence due to increase in rush.

19th Apr 1917
In protest against the order of leaving the district, executive committee of Bihar Provincial Union decided to a letter to viceroy.

20th Apr 1917
Government ordered for withdrawal of case against Gandhiji and instructed the District Collector for making arrangements during his enquiry period. First Victory of Satyagrah in Champaran.

21st Apr 1917
Gandhiji telegrammed the Lt. Governor of Bihar & Orrisa thanking him for withdrawal of Case. Issued statement in Press.

22nd Apr 1917
Gandhiji arrived at Bettiah and stayed at Hazarimal Dharmshala.

23rd Apr 1917
Met Sub Divisional Magistrate of Bettiah.

24th Apr 1917
In the morining, in way to Lohariya and Laukaria, stayed at Bariah Kothi for some moment. He was accompanied by Raj Kumar Shukla and Braj Kishore Prasad advocate. Returned Bettiah in the evening.

25th Apr 1917
Gandhiji went to Shivrajpur Kamouni in Laukaria and registered the statement of Farmers.

26th Apr 1917
From Bettiah Dharmashala, went to Shingachhapar with Ramnaumi Prasad.

27th Apr 1917
Gandhiji arrives Narkatiagang Station with Raj Kumar Shukla, Brajkishore Prasad and Ram Navmi Prasad and then went to Murli Bharharwa, village of Raj Kumar Shukla. In night stayed in Amolwa in the house of Sant Raut.

28th Apr 1917
In the morning started for Bettiah.

30th Apr 1917
Started for Sathi at 4O ‘clock in the morning. Reached court on foot.

1st May 1917
Gandhiji reached Motihari. Asked for details about fire at Olhan Kothi in Turkaulia

5th May 1917
Union of Neel(Indigo) Garden Owner passed resolution against the way of enquiry of Gandhiji.

9th May 1917
Gandhiji arrives Patna with rousing welcome. Met W Maad, Marsh Head, Hekak, Lui and Hiti, the members of Provincial executive committee

10th May 1917
Gandhiji accepted to present primary report of enquiry

13th May 1917
Gandhiji arrives Bettiah. Sent the report on condition of Raiyat(Farmer) to H MacFersion.

16th May 1917
Started at 5AM in morning for Sariswa on foot with Rajendra Prasad, J.B. Kriplani, Prabhudas and Raj Kumar Shukla. Investigated at Lal Garh and Dhokraha.

17th May 1917
Gandhiji sent contradiction on news about fire at Olhan broadcasted by A.P. and UPI.

18th May 1917
In Dokraha, big loss of proprty reported due to fire at Loharia Factory Court Building.

19th May 1917
Wrote letter to manager of Loharia Neel Factory regarding atrocities committed on Raiyat(Farmer)

20th May 1917
Gandhiji wrote letter complaining the District Magistrate about threatning given to Farmers of Belwa and Dhokraha.

21st May 1917
Hiti wrote to Maad saying Gandhiji is the man behind movement aginst British Government.

22nd May 1917
District Magistrate Hekak wrote to Mars Head alleging Gandhiji is responsible for fire at Dhokraha.

24th May 1917
British Government telegrammed MacFersion advising him to form a High Poered Committee for enquiry.

26th May 1917
Gandhiji wrote letter to Asther Farring comparing the Farmer of Champaran with slave.

27th May 1917
Lt Governor invited Gandhiji on 4th Jun in Ranchi. MacFersion advised the British Government for making Gandhiji member of the Committee.

30th May 1917
Gandhiji wrote letter to Macfersion for meeting the Lt. Governor and complained about non cooperation by Owner of Neel Factory.

31st May 1917
Gandhiji wrote letter to W S Erwin about atrocities committed on Farmers of Gajpura-Ramsingh Chhtauni of Motihari Subdivision.

1st Jun 1917
Ower of Neel Garden demanded for removal of Gandhiji from Champaran.

2nd Jun 1917
Gandhiji arrives Patna, started for Ranchi after meeting with Malwiaji and others.

4th Jun 1917
Gandhiji met Lt. Governer.

5th Jun 1917
Gandhiji started for Patna.

7th Jun 1917
Came to Patna. After Consultation with Malwiyeji, sent his consent for membership of Enquiry Committee.

8th Jun 1917
Gandhiji arrives Bettiah.

10th Jun 1917
Formation of Enquiry Committee. Subject and name of seven members announced. Gandhiji was one of the member.

12th Jun 1917
Gandhiji arrives at Motihari.

13th Jun 1917
Gandhiji changed the Ashram office from Bettiah to Motihari. Recording of statement of farmers stopped for the moment.

14th Jun 1917
Gandhiji informed MacFersion by letter that he has recorded the statement of 8000 farmers of 850 villages and they against the 60 Neel Factory.

16th Jun 1917
In Madras Government Ordered confinement of Mrs. Besant and Arunadel.

17th Jun 1917
Gandhiji started for Ahmedabad.

22nd Jun 1917
The District Magistrate informed the Commissioner that enquiry of Dhokrah Fire is danger against the peace.

28th Jun 1917
Gandhiji arrives Motihari with Dr. Dev of Bharat Sewak Samaj.

29th Jun 1917
Gandhiji proposed the District Magistrate for sending Dr. Dev for helping Villagers.

30th Jun 1917
Death of Dada Bhai Navroji.

1th Jul 1917
Gandhiji wrote against the criticism of his way of dressing. Governmet informed that enquiry committee will start his work from mid Jul.

5th Jul 1917
Gandhiji arrives Ranchi with Braj Kishore Babu.

11th Jul 1917
Gandhiji attended the primary meeting for deciding the leagality and subject of his Champaran enquiry in Ranchi.

14th Jul 1917
Gandhiji arrives Bettiah. Appealed for help for donation for his ashram expense.

15th Jul 1917
All members of Enquiry Committee arrives Betiah. Smt kasturba, Dr. Dev, Braj Kishore Prasad, Dharnidhar Prasad, Anugrah Narayan Singh, Ram Navmi Prasad and Dr. Rajendra Prasad arrives Bettiah. Other than these J.B. Kriplani and Devdas Gandhi and prabhudas was also there.

16th Jul 1917
Notification of starting of work of Champaran Enquiry committee was published in News Paper. More than ten thousand farmers and laborer were present in front of Dharmshala for lodging their complain.

17th Jul 1917
Champaran Enquiry Committee started his work in hostel of school of Raj School. Press Reporter from all over the country were present to cover the news. Enquiry started at 11 AM in morning. People registered their complain.

19th Jul 1917
Raj Kumar Shukla and Sant Raut appeared before committee and lodged their complain.

23rd Jul 1917
In presence of Chairman of committee F.G. Slai, members L.C. Adami, Maharaja Krityanand Singh, D.J. Road, G. Rainy, M.K. Gandhi and E.N. tainer (prosecution) was done. Statement of manager of Belwa Kothi A C Emman and manager of Sathi Kothi(Neel Factory) L Stal was recorded

24rd Jul 1917
Gandhiji arrives Motihari.

25th Jul 1917
Meeting of Enquiry Committee started at officer of Jila Parishad (District Council) at 11 AM. In front of committee the District Magistrate W.B. Hekak and manager of Rajepur Kothi(Neel Factory) E.A. Hudson gave their statement

26th Jul 1917
Manager of Motihari Kothi, W.S. Erwin gave his statement.

28th Jul 1917
Member of Committee went to Parsa Kothi for Enquiry.

29th Jul 1917
Statement recorded at Kuriya Kothi.

30th Jul 1917
Meeting of Enquiry Committee held.

31st Jul 1917
Committee investigated at Dhokraha and Loharia Kothi of Bettiah, Gandhiji arrives Motihari in night.

2nd Aug 1917
Gandhiji went to Rajepur Kothi with members of committee, where more than six thousand farmers were waiting for them.

3rd Aug 1917
Gandhiji recorded the statement of farmers at Pipra Kothi.

4th Aug 1917
Gandhiji recorded the statement of farmers at Turkaulia and Olhan Kothi where more than five thousand farmers were waiting.

5th Aug 1917
Gandhiji registered the complain of Farmers at Gajpura-rajpur Sriram singh chhatauni.

6th Aug 1917
Investigated at Raj Ghat and Hardia Kothi.

10th Aug 1917
Enquiry Committee decided to end Tin Kathia Pranali.

15th Aug 1917
Gandhiji complained to Manager of Pipra Kothi about atrocities committed against farmers. Gandhiji advised the Manager of Turkaulia Kothi, Hil, manager of Pipra Kothi Narman and manager of Motihari kothi Erwin.

16th Aug 1917
Gandhiji advised to continue the helping the people and started for Ahmedabad.

11th Sep 1917
Started for Madras from Ahmedabad.

19th Sep 1917
Superintendent of Police Marsham advised the government that Gandhiji is danger of Law and Order.

22nd Sep 1917
Gandhiji arrives Ranchi and fallen sick but continued to prepare report of Enquiry committee.

23rd Sep 1917
Met Lt. Governer and talked about Champaran.

24th Sep 1917
Gandhiji continued to participate till 28th Sep in the concluding meeting of Champaran Enquiry Committee.

29th Sep 1917
Gandhiji signed on agreement with Garden Owner for reduction of ‘shar haweshi’.

3rd Oct 1917
Report of Champaran Enquiry Committee completed. Gandhiji signed along with other members.

4th Oct 1917
Report handed over to government. Gandhiji demanded for publication of Decision of government on enquiry report in regional language.

5th Oct 1917
Gandhiji arrives Patna from Ranchi. Started for Allahabad for attending meeting of Congress Committee.

6th Oct 1917
Lt. Governor accepted the report of Champaran Enquiry Committee.

7th Oct 1917
Gandhiji layed foundation for Goshala (Cow Shelter) at Bettiah.

15th Oct 1917
Gandhiji Presided over meeting of Bihar Student Convention and started for Gujrat.

18th Oct 1917
Government accepted the recommendation of Champaran Enquiry Committee and published his opinion. AND THIS WAS THE VICTORY OF FIRST PEACEFUL MOVEMENT (SATYAGRAH) BY GANDHIJI IN CHAMPARAN.

19th Oct 1917
Volunteer distributed the pamphlet of government decision.

8th Nov 1917
Gandhiji arrives with his wife Kasturba and volunteer in Motihari for educating people.

9th Nov 1917
Gandhiji met the District Magistrate J.L. Meriman.

14th Nov 1917
Gandhiji started first school at Barharwa Lakhansen near Dhaka.

15th Nov 1917
Meeting with manager of Bettiah Estate.

16th Nov 1917
Gandhiji met with farmers at Amolwa.

20th Nov 1917
Started second school at Bhitiharwa.

22nd Nov 1917
Left for other place

12th Jan 1918
Gandhiji returned to Motihari from Ahmedabad.

17th Jan 1918
Started third school at Madhuban.

24th Jan 1918
Left for Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad.

4th Mar 1918
Governor General of India signed on Agreain Bill and all black law along with ‘Tinkathia ‘ abolished.

1st May 1918
Governor General finally signed the Act and thus the end of “NEEL KA ABHISHAP”

17th May 1918
Started for Motihari from Ahmedabad.

24th May 1918
Layed the Foundation of Ashram at Motihari and left for Ahmedabad. THUS THE END OF CHAMPARAN SATYAGRAH ANDOLAN(MOVEMENT).

14th Mar 1934
Gandhiji visited Motihari, Dhaka, Patahi, Phenhara after Earth Quack and looked after relief work.

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