Childrens Day : Cards | Greetings | Scraps

Childrens Day : Cards | Greetings | Scraps

Children’s day in India celebrates everything surrounding childhood. It is celebrated by the entire nation on November 14, which is the birthdate of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Children's Day

Nehru, who was known to be immensely fond of children, is often shown in pictures with children and is frequently called “Chacha Nehru” (meaning Uncle Nehru, a term of affection).

childrens day

It is indeed in childhood that the qualities are manifested and are exhibited in the child personality. The characteristics of personality can noticed right from the early childhood. Rightly has Wordsworth has expressed the same views when he says, “Child is the father of man”. Childhood is the formative period of a person’s life.

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The habits developed at this time cast a shadow throughout the life. This makes it all the more important that the negative traits exhibited by a child should not at all be ignored, otherwise they may become a habit and incorrigible later on.

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Carl Sandburg has said, “A child is God’s opinion that world should go on”. Every child is special in his own way. So let’s pledge on this day that we would stop child abuse and all forms of exploitation.

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