Chiranjeevi To Rescue Ravi Teja And Srikanth
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Thursday, 19 August 2010 21:22

It is known fact that both Heroes Ravi Teja and Srikanth are close disciples of Mega Star and PRP president Chiranjeevi. They even got the credit of enjoying the status on par with Chiranjeevi’s family members in many functions and celebrations. Now both Ravi Teja and Srikanth started facing trouble on the same day. While Ravi Teja’s brothers were arrested red handed in drug scandal, hero Srikanth’s land got occupied by TRS activists and Kaka’s yes-men.

Now who will save these two heroes? It is heard Ravi Teja and Srikanth are planning to meet Chiranjeevi in person seeking help for influencing the government and relieve brothers and land respectively.

In fact Chiru is saying these days that he is becoming very close to Rosiah. Now it is time for him to prove how close he is. Will Chiru try to help his disciples? Even if he tries, will Chiru’s request hold value? Let us wait and see.


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