College Style : Prema desam Song Lyrics
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Movie Name : Prema desam
: Telugu
(S) : Krishna Kumar, Hariharan, AslamMustafa
Lyricist :
Bhuvana Chandra
Music Composer
: AR Rahman
: Kadir
: Tabu, Vineeth, Abbas
elease Date: 1996

Mood of the Song: Happy, Energetic

Note: Song madhya lo Kalluri salai ane word Vasthundhi . It's a Tamil word. Ee movie tamil dubbed so Andhulo Vunna english Rap bit ni song lo alaney use chesukunnaru. I guess It means college campus

♪♪♪♪ Song Lyrics : College Styley ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

Ala thaanai alarinchedhi maguva..
Thanuvu thaanai muripinchedi maguva
Odi thaanai manishine malichedhi maguva..
Vodi thaanai manishine malichedhi maguva..
Ninginaina nelanaina.. Amoolyamainadhee Maguva..
Yenaleni nidhi ee Maguva...

Hey kanulu terichina kanne pilla
kanulu moosina kanne pilla
kavitha raasina kanne pilla hoy.. styley..
Huh...College style.. styley.. styley.. styleyyy...

Aaa...Kaatukalla kanne choopu
tassa diyya ha entha kaipu...
kashmir roja veta..
cat walking Ey poota..
aa..everyday fashion show...
college styley....

Kalluri salai hotter than a summer day-bus stop
Tea shop in the middle of a non-stop
cutie beautie and a sweetest candy
young man i'm bad i'm a romeo baby
i love the lady you touch my mind...?
am never gonna leave the girl u r beautiful
jasmine days are older sunshine
forget me not girl i'm so crazy

Kallallo silicon graphics..
Girls Vastheney jam on traffics..
V Channel Choice Su Ni Dolby Voice su
Lightning Kallalo laser
Ni love matter Cheppindhi pager
Ni Teeneger Computer....Nuvvena Software..

Cellular phonullaga meerunnatlaithey...
baggy pant pocketlona nicega pettukuntam
contact lensullaga meerunnatlaithey...
kallallo paapallaga mimme daachukuntam..
andhaalanni aaho O inspiration
Uppongadha choosthe Younger generation
College streetantene kallallo meruposthunnaye
Dating kosam daily college campuslo vechi vuntam
Ok ante San Francisco disco choopedatham
Boys n girls rock n roll aadeti
sompaina chote college streetu
everyday love seasons new fashion
Mem nerchevanni premala paataaley.... styley.. styley...


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