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Wednesday, 25 August 2010 17:08


Deepika Padukone has decided to erase the memories of her ex-lover Ranbir Kapoor, not only from her mind but from from her body too. The glam gal had got a tattoo with the initials ‘RK’ on her nape during the heydays of her carefree fling with lover boy Ranbir Kapoor.

But all that is in the past. These days, Deepika is an item with Mallaya Jr. So she has decided to undergo laser treatment to get rid of the ‘RK’ tattoo.

After her break-up with Ranbir, it was pretty hard for the gal to answer questions related to the tattoo and why she is still carrying it. During the recent movie shoots, Deepika had used a concealer to hide the tattoo.

Hope the tattoo removal doesn’t leave any ungainly scars to mar her beauty. :)

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