Deepika opens up about strayed Ranbir
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Saturday, 21 August 2010 17:02

Did he cheat her or did he not? Well, that’s the question everyone had in their mind when Deepika Padukone was left heart broken, as Bollywood’s blue-eyed-boy Ranbir Kapoor parted ways the leggy actress. Even as the one-time pair has moved on, the reason behind their break is still unfamiliar. Apparently, Deepika for the very first time hinted in an interview to a news daily that Ranbir’s straying habits lead to their break-up.

Though industry was abuzz with rumours that the two parted ways because of Ranbir’s growing fondness for Katrina, Deepika was tight-lipped about her equation with the Kapoor scion.

Speaking to a news daily, Deepika said, “When I am in a relationship, I give it my all. I am totally committed and devoted. I am more giving, maybe because I am a Capricorn. I don`t expect the same back but somehow in all my associations, it has been the guy who has strayed. You can ignore some thing if it happens once, but if it keeps happening, you have to understand that something is incorrect.”

The word ‘strayed’ alludes to Ranbir, who could have cheated on her. However, Deepika is more than pleased with Siddharth Mallaya, who can be seen showering all his affection on the actress. But unlike her previous relationship with Ranbir, Deepika is quite careful this time and tightlipped about her private life in media.

Deepika wants to maintain it a low-key affair and has indicated that from now onwards, she’ll be cautious about things which are “very, very personal”.

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