Dream High Episode 14 episode preview | Dream High Ep 14 videos watch online

Dream High Episode 14 episode preview | Dream High Ep 14 videos watch online

Dream High is literally and figuratively soaring these days, with a continued consistently developed storyline plus a very addicting and snappy execution. I still don’t have a clue who will be K, or who will end up a couple in the main love triangle, but I do think that Hye Mi is discovering that she has the stirrings of feelings for Sam Dong beyond just “he’s my friend.” All I have to say is – what took you so long, girl!

Now that she’s squarely stuck between Jin Gook and Sam Dong, with each of these guys dealing with their own issues, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dream High ends with only Pik Sook-Jason as a couple and leaves the main love triangle up in the air. Or not. This drama continues to confound me, in all the right ways.

Written preview for episode 14:

Teacher Kang gets a call from the pokice, and discovers that Baek Hee was also present during the incident with Jin Gook. The two teachers go to find Baek Hee, during which they discover certain truths about Baek Hee’s situation.

The world renowned record company EMG has announced that it will be using video submissions to conduct a selection process. Without possessing the requisite skills and talent, most people don’t even have the inclination to attempt the challenge. Sam Dong quietly goes to get an application form. Starting from Sam Dong, the kids one by one begin to apply….

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