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The song has racy lyrics and is touted to be one of the biggest attractions of the film. Reveals a source, “The song is explosive and bold, with really unimaginable lyrics.
The theme of the track has several references to sex and drugs. Initially, Deepika was hesitant given the nature of the lyrics and the inherent innuendo.
But after some convincing and seeing the creative visuals for the song she decided to make sure it looked super hot.
Part of the preparation included getting a tattoo with the words ‘Dum Maro Dum’ and the image of a King Cobra.”
Pritam remixed the track, Bosco choreographed the number.
Lyrics of the song

Hey..kya phir dekh raha hai
Aaj aankhen sek raha hai kal haath sekega
Aaj dheel chod raha hai kal khud hi tokega
Aaj mere liye chair kheech raha hai kal meri skirt kheechega
Kheechega ki nahi ?

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