IBM announces good resultats

IBM announces good resultats

IBM serveursIn addition to Apple, IBM g?ant him also comes to publish its latest financial r?sultats. Big Blue announced as well for its quarter troisi?me 2010 a turnover of $ 24.3 billion (+ 3%), net b?n?fice 3.6 billion (+ 12%) and a margin 45.3% gross (+ 0.2 points). All the d?tails below.

Revenues by business:

Services: main area for IBM, services were cumul? in this quarter over $ 13 billion in turnover (+ 2%). Gross margins for this sector were 35.3% Global Technology Division and 28.9% for the Global Business division.

Software: with 5,151 billion turnover, software have a small percent cr?. The WebSphere family thought for his share of 14% compared with 9% for Tivoli.Lotus hand did that stagnate.

Systems and Technology: this sector is not the most important for Big Blue, but conna?t a tr?s growth lately. Thus, with 4.3 billion in sales, up 10%, it is clearly sector which allowed ? IBM display sup?rieure ? 1% growth.

For the past three months, IBM has thus cumul? 70.9 billion turnover (+ 3%), and a net b?n?fice 9.6 billion (+ 11%).Note that Apple, on the four quarters, pr?c?dents affich? 65 billions of turnover dollars and more than 14 billion $ b?n?fices NET.If it is still far from IBM in terms of turnover, Apple has a great chance largely surpass the b?n?fices… c?t? IBMThose from IBM are yet not weak, far from l?.

Finally, following r?partition g?ographique revenues from IBM:
Continent am?ricain: 10.2 billion (+ 3% / 2% in currency ajust) zone EMEA: $ 7.4 billion (-6% / 1% currency ajust) Asia-Pacific: $ 5.9 billion (+ 14% / 7% currency ajust)

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