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Starring: Jai, Shazahn Padamsee, Vijay Vasanth
Direction: Sripathy Rangasamy
Music: Satish Chakravarthy
Production: T. Siva, Sona Heiden
After having worked under director Venkat Prabhu, Sripathi Rangasamy makes his first independent directorial outing in Kanimozhi produced by T Siva of Amma Creations and Sona Heyden of Uniq Productions. The film had raised a lot of expectations, primarily due to its name and the grand audio release function under the aegis of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Director Rangasamy has chosen the ubiquitous theme for his first film which is- you may have guessed by now- LOVE- which has been milked dry by our film makers from time to time. In Kanimozhi, he has attempted to portray the two different approaches of love and its culmination (success?) through Jai and Vijay Vasanth.

Jai is the typical cheerful student who specializes in Viscom and spends his life like any other student of his age. Shahazn Padamsee is the cute girl who lives in the same area, who he decides to fall in love with, after a few customary meetings, strictly adhering to the already laid down syllabi of our films. But, he is not forthright about conveying his love to the girl and is in the process of mustering courage to do this.

On the other side, there is Vijay Vasanth from a different camp in the area, who after having bowled over by Padamsee, decides to get her. The approach he adopts is different from that of Jai’s. A simple lie from him lets his parents approach the girl’s side to seek her hand in marriage with their son. What happens after this? Who gets the girl in the end, Jai or Vijay Vasanth, is what Kanimozhi is all about.

For Jai, it is just another film in his career and there is nothing more to say. Same thing holds good for Vijay Vasanth too. About the heroine, you wonder why she was chosen at all, as the lady does not seem to know the spelling of emotion in any scene. Swathi of Subramaniapuram appears in a small cameo towards the climax.

Music by Satish Chakravarthy is good especially the Muzhu Madhi number. But his effort goes in vain as Rangasamy has not utilized it to the optimum levels and therefore is not impactful. Cinematography appears bleached through out and there is no clear differentiation between the times of the day. Night and day merge uniformly.

Director Rangasamy had the golden opportunity to do his first film under a prestigious banner like Amma creations and his intentions would have been honest but unfortunately he has not exploited it completely to deliver a good product. Screen play fails to engage the viewer and is ineffective. There is no exciting storyline. Kanimozhi falters and ends up as a soul-less affair.

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