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Thursday, 12 August 2010 17:05


After watching Aamir Khan’s film Peepli [Live] at a special screening recently, Salman Khan started fearing Aamir’s touch. sounds wired!!!

Well, Sallu miyan after watching Aamir’s Peepli [Live], didn’t let the producer touch him coz he was scared Aamir’s slightest touch would turn him to gold.

“I didn’t let Aamir touch me after the film. Agar mujhe gold mein badal deta toh???” tweeted Salman. This might sound silly, but it isn’t.

Salman has also nicknamed Aamir as ‘Mr Midas Touch’ after seeing Peepli [Live].

“Mr Midas Touch has produced a picture. Midas Touch matlab ke Aamir Khan. Natha. Peepli has a mad-a#*touch,” Salman tweeted.

About praising Aamir, we understood. But what does ‘mad-a#* touch’ means?? hahaha :)

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