Aarti Chhabria With Condom Packets |

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Aarti Chhabria With Condom Packets | Actress Aarthi Chabria caught with condom packets

Name : Aarti Chhabria

Date Of Birth : November 21, 1982

Age : 28

Occupation : Actress

Aarti was modeling since the age of 3 years. She was the Farex Baby, and appeared in several commercials like, Maggi Noodles, Pepsodent Tooth Paste, Clean and Clear Facewash, Amul Frostick Ice-cream, Lml Trendy Scooter, Krach Cream.

chabria Aarti Chhabria With Condom Packets |

Recently, Aarti was invited by cricket Yuvraj Singh in his private party.

This party was organized on a cruise in the mid-sea. The amazing thing in this was that, Aarti brought a packet of condom with herself in this party. This was publicly disclosed when Aarti’s purse fell down from her hands and a packet of these female contraceptives came out of the purse.

Rakshanda Khan and Preity Zinta were also present in the party.

Aarti Chhabria has already bad name that she always carries condoms, It was also said Yuvi and the 3 actress spent whole night in the cruise.

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