Action replayy review | action replayy movie review online | action replayy hindi movie review and ratings online | action replayy talk

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action replayy review | activity replayy movie review online | activity replayy hindi movie review and ratings online | activity replayy talk

activity replayy cast and crew
akshay kumar. . .
aishwarya rai. . .
randhir kapoor. . .
vipul shah. . . Conductor
vipul shah. . . Producer
shabina khan. . . Costume designer

action replayy Action replayy review | action replayy movie review online | action replayy hindi movie review and ratings online | action replayy talk


bunty (aditiya roy kapoor) lives a really bad life, altho he believes that if his parents’ marriage would have been a love marriage, his life would have been perfective, but it was without doubt a arranged marriage so his parents(who are old and aging), dad kishen (akshay kumar) doesn’t get along with his mum mala (aishwarya rai). Bunty at all times runs away from his girlfriend, tanya (sudeepa singh), whenever she mentions marriage, but he pretty much has evolved a marriage phobia due to his parents’ arguments. One day, tanya’s grandfather, professor anthony gonsalves (randhir kapoor), gives him the choice to either marry tanya or forget her evermore. Bunty sneaks in and steals the professor’s time machine late at night to transport himself to the 1970′s. Now he wouldn’t leave until he makes his parents’ marriage a love story.

activity replayy (activity replay) movie is a time travel tale based on mumbai in the fifties. Its with regards to an elderly man travels backwards in time to when he was a young handsome man in the 1970s. Bollywood actress aishwarya rai and leading actor akshay kumar are on screen in a movie activity replayy-rewind your life. Activity replay is releasing for this diwali (5 november 2010) all over the earth. Vipul shah (singh is king, namastey london and waqt, fame) has directed this movie. Resource says a lot of gossips says activity replay movie is a copy of the english movie “the inquisitive case of benjamin button” but in the vipul shah words activity replay is story based on ‘gujarati play’. Activity replay is 1970′s story , in the story a young boy loves a girl in a olden style. The complete story is in a olden style and this will gives a special attraction to each audiences , it’s a challenge to aishwarya and akshay to prove themselves as actors.


akshay kumar: kishen
in 1965 he was geeky, toothy simpleton, bullied by all. Then he would work long hours in his father’s surya prakash bhijanalaya. In 2010 he’s the proud possessor of the common bollywood cafe, to a finish degree hen pecked by his wife mala. Now he puts in long hours buying goods for the cheapest vegetables!

aishwarya rai: mala
full of aggro, she was tomboy who dressed loud, shouted loud and laughed loud. All her friends were guys. Today she is a bored shopaholic. If her car stereo conks off, she won’t buy a new stereo, she’ll buy a new car! ‘kharchvati”, would have been a much more fitting name for her!

neha dhupia: mona
mala’s best friend. Not as aggressive as mala, she nevertheless follows her, wherever she goes.

aditya roy kapoor: bunty
the helpless and hapless offspring of kishen and mala. His pathological fear for marriage stems from witnessing his parent’s bitter relationship. Desperate to save his parent’s marriage and his own life, he takes the drastic step of journey back in time, to play cupid to his not yet married parents. Because he knows that unless he mends their marriage, he can never get married himself.

sudeepa singh: tanya
bunty’s girlfriend. She loves bunty and knows that bunty loves her too, but she’s mystified because each time she proposes marriage, he runs…

rannvijay singh: kundan
the ring leader of mala’s gang, he takes perverse pleasure in torturing bechara kishen. He’s assumed that mala will be his one day, and when he senses a rival in kishen, he lets all hell loose.


bunty loves his girlfriend tanya but runs a mile whenever she mentions marriage. His phobia with matrimony stems from his parents kishen and mala’s acrimonious marriage. But now bunty is in a repair. Tanya’s grandfather, professor anthony gonsalves, as given him an ultimatum – get married to tanya or stop seeing her. Bunty knows that unless he does something fast, his dreams of living happily ever after with tanya will bite the dust.

as bunty’s surprise party for his parent’s 35th wedding anniversary deteriorates into yet another explosive fight between kishen and mala; he decides to turn back the clock and rewrite kishen and mala’s destiny and modify their disastrous arranged marriage into a romantic affair of the hearts.

and how does he do that? By stealing the professor’s time machine to travel back in time! To a time when kishen and mala were not married…to a time when kishen’s father rai bahadur and mala’s mother, boli devi were sworn enemies…to a time when his father kishen was certified nerd, bullied merciless by his father…to a time when his tomboyish mother couldn’t stand the sight of his father and took great pleasure in ragging him silly…

bunty has his work cut out for him. He has to transform his father from a wimp into an entitled bachelor and his mother from a tomboy into the epitome of feminine grace. Then he has to undertake an inconceivable task – make them fall in love with each other.

and ultimately – he has to make his grandparents agree to their love marriage! Because until and unless he does this, his own love story with tanya will never have a happy ending…

ast and crew
cast:akshay kumar,
aishwarya bachchan,randhir kapoor,
neha dhupia, kiron kher,om puri,
aditya roy kapoor,rannvijay singh,sudeepa singh
conductor:vipul shah
producer: vipul shah
music conductor: pritam chakraborty
lyricst: irshad kamil
singers:daler mehndi,
richa sharma,shreya ghoshal
sunidhi chauhan,ritu pathak
karthik,mahalakshmi iyer,antara mitra,
mika singh,tulsi kumar
kk,suraj jagan,master saleem,francois
release date: 05 nov 2010
genre: action
language: hindi

Story: young bunty (aditya roy kapoor) doesn’t want to marry his girlfriend because he’s seen his mom, mala (aishwarya rai) and dad, kishen (akshay kumar) spend their life sparring with each other. Will he modify his mind after he gets a chance to do a little time travel, revisit the past and set his parent’s love story straight?

Movie review: retro is chic in bollywood right now. And conductor vipul shah seems to have got his research right on the glorious 1970s, when go-go girls romanced bell-bottomed guys with the twist, the shake and the tube-burst of colours. Stylistically, activity replayy is a fun watch and sets the 70s generation on a nostalgia binge, even as it opens up an exotic window to a vibrant new earth for a whole new generation of new millennium kids. The long-haired akshay and the pig-tailed aishwarya bring back the pyar-mohabbat (romance) ishtyle from the past. And the retro idiom works. . . . But only till a point.

The problem with activity replayy is the going-nowhere humour track. The gags aren’t too amusive and the tu-tu main-main between akshay and aishwarya borders on the juvenile. The film perks up only when son bunty manages to do a make-over of his dopey dad and akshay emerges in his more dapper avatar as the archetypal hero who has just one job at hand. He will have to tame the shrew (aishwarya) who has been tormenting him for long and turn her into wife material. And that’s any piece of work which needs to be urgently done, since there’s a rival in love (rannvijay), waiting in the wings to lure the vixen into his lair.

The film is plainly inspired by robert zememkis’ 1985 film, back to the future, where teenager michael j. Fox had a similar job at hand. But will have to we require to tell you which one was better. . . . Activity replayy needed a much smarter script to keep the laughter ringing. Akshay kumar desperately needs to get back to his activity replay if he really wants to re-energise his franchise. The goofy mutual man act isn’t working anymore, plainly due to an overkill. Sadly, veterans like kirron kher and om puri too don’t have much to do, altho they do manage to elicit a few laughs, here and there. Pritam’s music score is average and has just one chartbuster to brag of: zor ka jhatka. . .

rating: 2. 5

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