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Thursday, 12 August 2010 17:05


Ajay Devgan doesn’t seem to be very happy with his wife Kajol’s upcoming flick ‘we Are Family’.If sources are to be believed, the actor is openly singing paens about his wife’s talent. This is rather strange because Ajay and Kajol have been married for 11 years. And neither has gone gaga about each other in public, until now!

The source says, “Ever since the first interview for WAF appeared, Ajay felt that Kajol should have been positioned differently from Kareena.”

According to information available, it is said that Ajay feels Kajol (quite obviously) is in a different league as an actress as opposed to the younger Kareena. And so he feels that Karan should give Kajol a different kind of placement in the whole publicity campaign instead of making it seem like Kajol and Kareena are on par.”

When we asked Kajol if she was aware of her husband’s “anguish” and as usual she spoke her mind. “Listen I don’t know if Ajay is anguished or any such thing. If you say that he wants me to be more prominent than Bebo in the WAF campaign, I will understand. After all I’m his wife and he is bound to be biased towards me.” Kajol even joked that if this matter is true, then she would go home and advise her husband to take up the issue with her best friend Karan.

Ajay, in defence of his bias, said, “Kajol is the best actress Bollywood has. I will naturally look out for her interests in every way and in every campaign. But honestly, who am I to complain about how Karan should go about with the publicity of his film? Bebo is a friend. I’ve done Golmaal Returns and Omkaara with her. I’m currently shooting with her for Golmaal 3. This is a very sensitive issue. I won’t be a hypocrite and say that I like Kajol and Kareena equally.”

Of course, when pushed to say who he would give his vote to, Ajay grinned sheepishly and said, “Kajol. She is terrific.”

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