ambrunova trust & raj foundation are amongst Tehelka leaked list of members

A list of 15 individuals and trusts allegedly holding secret accounts in the tax of haven of Lichetenstein was released by Tehelka news magazine today.

The list had been handed over to the Indian government in March, 2009 and the government had taken the stand that the names could not be disclosed because these had been given by the German government on confidential terms.

The list released by Tehelka contains the names of 12 individuals and three foundations without their address and the business they are involved in as also the amounts they have allegedly stashed in these accounts.

The magazine said it had approached each of the individuals involved and was awaiting their response pending which they are not not giving details though it had given the names.

According to the magazine, the name of the chairman of a major Indian corporation was on the list but it had decided to hold back the name because it was awaiting “his full version”.

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