Amitabh Bachchan unhappy about Mumbai
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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 08:40

Amitabh Bachchan is unhappy about the upcoming Metro in Mumbai; he’s saying that the proposed Metro route would impact his and his family’s privacy.

One of the suggested metro rail routes passes over his bungalow Pratiksha in the upscale Juhu area of western Mumbai.

He wrote on his blog, “It is lastly happening. The Metro rail being laid over the metropolis called Mumbai, several under the ground, some above over large tracts of cement structures is taking shape. There is general happiness from the commuters, for, the misery of crowded locals and the uncertainties of the three-wheeler or the yellow-black cab shall ideally be greatly reduced.”

“But here is the killer – it’s going to roll over Prateeksha!! So bye bye privateness and hello fellow traveller,” Bachchan rued in the blog.

Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil, in an oblique reference to Bachchan’s comments that the Mumbai Metro railway would invade his privacy, said it was unlucky that people were angry by infrastructure tasks that would make life easier for the folks of the city.

“Mumbai traffic is growing, travel conditions are worsening by the day… people spend four-five hours in commuting daily. We have to think of them,” Patil told reporters in his office.

Patil wondered how the government could attempt solving Mumbai’s serious traffic difficulties if it got objections to every such scheme.

A few years back, Lata Mangeshkar had opposed a flyover going past her home on Pedder Road in south Mumbai.

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