Andy irons dengue fever | Andy Irons Dead | Dengue Fever takes Andy Irons

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andy irons dengue fever | andy irons dead | dengue fever takes andy irons

Andy irons was a three-time earth surfing champion who could conquer any wave, but the 32-year-old hawaii native succumbed to complicatednesses from dengue fever.

The news shocked and saddened the surfing earth and made clear the danger posed by a sickness that is nearly unheard of in the states.

Symptoms include high fevers, rashes, headaches and fatigue. It is rarely deadly and normally goes away on its own after a week. But a associated sickness, dengue hemorrhagic fever, is very dangerous. Victims can go into a shock-like state and spots of blood appear on and underneath the skin. Doctors can only treat the symptoms, not the underlying virus. Whether or not people who are in need of medical care survive the early shock, they typically survive.

From news reports, it is not yet clear what form of dengue fever irons had or what complicatednesses caused his death.
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Irons won three straight earth titles from 2002 to 2004, as stated by bloomberg, and was the only surfer to win at each spot on the elite tour.

He leaves behind his wife and unborn son.

Source: cbsnews

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