Bhai dooj 2010 | bhai dooj sms | Bhai dooj brother sms

bhai dooj 2010 | bhai dooj sms | bhai dooj brother sms

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Gulab jaman?


Let me c. .

How hitch jalebi?




Still cant find

Anything as sweet

As u.

Pleased bhai dooj. . ! ! !

And when an arise alike to bhai dooj comes along we instruct for we each complacency as well as urge that it lingers long
Pleased bhai dooj…! !
Can this portentous arise go we all a wealth as well as fantastic fitness in your approach of hold up. Pleased bhaiya dooj to you. .
We benefit as well as remove things every day. But certitude me upon onething. You’ll never remove me. We will on a regular basis be here.

Pleased bhai dooj…! !
I wish 2 discuss it u, during a times when we fought, my adore was in a opposite mood. Pleased bhai dooj bro!
The regard of your adore is all we need during cold times. Pleased bhai dooj bhaiya…!
A bhai dooj’s fortitude is a thing that goes in a single year as well as out a other.
Another clueless bhai dooj is here. . .

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt, as well as dread,

To adore as well as giggle as well as give!
A pleased bhai dooj! Allow that we can go no rip to any eye when this bhai dooj in time shall end let it be pronounced i’ve played a friend, have lived as well as desired as well as worked here, and done of it a pleased year.
Bhai dooj’s day is each man’s birthday
Drop a final year in to a wordless dilapidation of a past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, as well as be thankful for god that it can go.
Your adore makes me feel proud.

And upon this day we wish to scream it out deafening.

Pleased bhai dooj my brother…. . ! !
You can assimilate a things we never said.

You can assimilate a suffering that is not manifest to anybody.

You’re the most skillful brother……. !
Pleased bhai dooj to you…. ! !
It equates to so most to have we around,

As with your participation all seems only so simple,

God may magnify we bhaiya.
Pleased bhai dooj….
Bhai dooj ko sabhi bhaiyo aur behano ko

Hardik shubhkamnaye…. .
Pleased bhaiya dooj. . ! !

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