Ranbir falls in love everyday
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Sunday, 03 January 2010 18:59


In a recent interview Ranbir Kapoor bares all and informs us that he falls in love everyday. Read to know more:

You have been voted as the sexiest man alive. How does it feel?

There is nothing sexy about me. I have a long nose; big cheeks, long face, broad forehead and my legs are too thin. So I am anything but sexy. But I believe that handsome is as a handsome does. See, in my field you have to blank out all these things. I am an actor and the sole reason of my being is to act and give good performances. I try not to get carried away with such things.

Your towel-dropping scene in ‘Saawariya’ generated a huge controversy. So were you wearing anything under the towel?

No. I was absolutely naked. And fortunately or unfortunately the censor board edited it. Mr Bhansali had a concept that when a young man would fall in love he would act in a certain way. And the towel dropping act was a guy’s private moment.

So did you drop the towel when you fell in love for the first time?

No. There is nothing like that or else I will have to drop the towel everyday. I fall in love everyday.

So, are you single?

See if I am not married it means that I am single. But if you ask me whether I am in a relationship or not then I feel that I am not a reality TV star and my personal life is something I don’t want to talk about. I am an actor and I would like if people would only talk about my films and my work.

But have you and Deepika broken up?

If I will say ‘yes’ to you, then tomorrow ten other people will ask me ten other odd questions. Thousand of stories will be generated and that will just create more misunderstanding. So I would like to stay clear of all this for now.



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