Call Master v2.81(1) Build 20100709 Chinese - Symbian OS 9.x S60v3 S60v5 Full Version App Download
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Saturday, 10 July 2010 20:03

Support/Info: S60v5 unsigned CN
★ Display incoming / outgoing call number attribution, number type, contact name, company, department, position, date of birth and other information;
★ According to preferences set the incoming / outgoing call information boxes display content, fonts, margins, color, position, background images, transparency, etc.;
★ You can set the incoming / outgoing call when the show contact photos or pictures;
★ On missed calls, unread messages and unread messages to remind;
★ Reminder call is connected;
★ Talk time to remind;
★ Can customize the number of libraries, under the need to define their incoming / outgoing call attribution to the database;
★ Information statistical functions, record send and receive SMS / MMS number;
★ Packet data statistical functions, Internet traffic records;
★ Online update attribution to the database and software versions;
★ Phone SMS filtering, filtering do not want to answer / receive calls or text messages;
★ In the mobile communications records and Inbox displayed directly attributable to information;
★ In the mobile communications records missed calls in the show ring time;
★ Call delay ring, to prevent the "ring out" telephone harassment;
★ Full-screen text displayed in a new pop-up text message content directly on arrival, and associated operations;
★ Automatic IP telephone dialing, automatically determine long-distance calls, automatically dial the appropriate IP prefixes;
★ Desktop Smart Dialing, enter the search terms in the standby interface can directly search for contacts, and associated operations;
★ Enquiries phone number log attribution information;
★ Check the Inbox of SMS, MMS numbers attribution information;
★ Check card numbers belonging to the information folder;
★ Query domestic / international long-distance code;
★ Frequently queried hotline;
1-[Improve] generated during the delay ring missed call will not be reminded;
2-[Improvement] will not be silent unread SMS text alerts;
3-[Improve] the list of items intercepted messages can choose to block or intercept telephone calls or intercept SMS +;
4-[Fix] Some models automatically lead to silent after IP dial-up problems;
5-[Amendment] to remind the scene when the model is silent if there will still be the voice prompts the question;
6-[Fix] other minor problems;

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