Chitragupta puja | chitragupta photo, chitragupta katha, chitragupta puja 2010

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chitragupta puja | chitragupta photo, chitragupta katha, chitragupta puja 2010

Chitragupta puja

Chitragupt ji maharaj

Chitragupt ji maharaj

Hindu mythology believes that the entire earth, that was developed by lord bramha, the creator. Lord bramha introductory developed 16 sons from various elements of his own body. Shree chitraguptjee, his 17th creation, is believed to be the creation from lord bramha’s belly. Therefore, shree chitraguptjee is the divine incarnation in human form. Called kayastha since he is the solitary one developed in entirety [kaya] from the lord bramha’s body.

The duty of chitragupt ji maharaj

Hindu dharam is based on a multiple phase life cycle involving re-birth. It’s believed that those who don’t attain a remainder among their good-deeds and misdoing, have to attain re-birth in any living form , to finish the life cycle.

The essential duty awarded to shree chitraguptjee is to manufacture log of the lives of all living beings, judge their lives based on good-deeds and misdoing, and decide, upon ones death, whether they’ll attain nirvana, ie, the completion of their life cycle & salvation from all worldly problems or, receive punishment for their misdoing in another life form.

Eight sons of chitragupta ji maharaj
Gorh, mathur, bhatnagar, saxena, asthana, srivastava, ambastha, karn

puja items
Sandalwood paste, til, camphour/kapoor, paan, sugar, paper, pen, ink, ganga water, unbroken rice, cotton, honey, yellow mustard, plate made of leaves, puja platform, dhoop, youghart, sweets, puja cloths, milk, seasonal friuts, panchpatra, gulal (color powder), brass katora, tulsi leaves, roli, keasar, betul nut, match box, frankincense and deep.

chitragupta Chitragupta puja | chitragupta photo, chitragupta katha, chitragupta puja 2010

puja process
Introductory clean the puja room and then bath chitragupt ji’s idol or photo introductory with water, then with panchamitra/or rose water, followed by water once more. Now put deepak (lamp) of ghee ahead of the chitragupt ji. Make a panchamitra with 5 ingredients of milk, curd, ghee (clarified butter), sugar & honey. Place few mithais, snacks & fruits as a prashad. Make guraadi (gur + adi = molasses + ginger). Make offerings of flowers, abir (red colour), sindoor (vermillion) and haldi (turmeric). Light the agarbatti (incense sticks) and lamps filled with ghee. Read the holy book of chitragupta puja. After the completion of katha, carry out aarti. Now take plain new paper & make swastik with roli-ghee, then write the name of five god & goddess with a new pen. Then write a “mantra (given under)” & write your name, address (permanent & present), date (hindi date) your income & expenditure. Then fold the the paper & put before chitragupt ji.

mantra Chitragupta puja | chitragupta photo, chitragupta katha, chitragupta puja 2010

chitragupt puja and dawat puja
Chitragupt puja is performed by kayastha parivar that believes in earth peace, justice, psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning and literacy, the four essential virtues depicted by the form of shree chitraguptjee. The puja is as well known as dawat (inkpot) puja, in which the books and pen are worshipped, symbolizing the quality of being important of study in the life of a kayastha. For the duration of the chitragupt puja, earning members of the as well give account of their earning, writing to chitragupt maharaj the additional amount of money that is anticipated to run the household, next year.

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  1. as Seerkarunikas of Tamil Nadu, Andhra regions belived to be migrated from Nimisaranya, descended from our Beloved father Sri ChitraGupta through Goddess mother Smt. Karnikamba and have brahminic tradition and practice of havya kavya vidhi. a temple for Sri Chitragupta and his three concerts is there in Kanchipuram at present Tamil Nadu.

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