dengue fever symptoms | dengue fever treatment

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dengue fever symptoms | dengue fever treatment

After a handful of cases were confirmed in key west, south florida health agencies are being warned to look around for people who could just be carrying dengue fever. As stated by the health officials, last august they launched the study of antibodies after three dengue cases surfaced in key west. A flu-like sickness, dengue fever is disseminate by the bite of an infected mosquito. There’s no treatment for it and no way to prevent it from spreading
dengue fever treatment dengue fever symptoms | dengue fever treatment

the centers for sickness control and the florida section of health warned in a recent report, “dengue fever, a mosquito-borne sickness that has severe but seldom fatal symptoms, has shown up in key west and could disseminate further up into florida. ” “about 5 percent of key west residents or when it comes to 1,000 people were exposed to the dengue virus in 2009, and, so far this year, there have been 12 confirmed cases of dengue in the key west area,” as stated by the report of cnn.

dengue fever is a sensible viral sickness caused by dengue viruses. Persons who requires medical care with dengue can pass on the virus only during mosquitoes or climate adjust and only even as they’re still fever. Below is some preventative action for dengue.
1. Water storage containers had better be covered to prevent reproduction of mosquito’s.
2. Anti liquid spray had better be enforced directly on the mosquito for successful killing.
3. Visit your doctor at the earliest and at all times appeal a blood test for better relief.
home preventative action for dengue
1. Mosquito coil and electric mosquito mats/ liquid had better be placed near all possible entrances, such like windows and doors.

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