Don Seenu’ Review: Entertaining!
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Friday, 06 August 2010 11:25

Seenu (Ravi Teja) always likes to be called as ‘Don’ Seenu since childhood due to the strong influence of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Don’. His only ambition is to become a don and this also gets him to the city.

Here, he joins hands with Machiraju (Sayaji) whose target is his biggest rival Narsing (Srihari).

Machiraju gives Seenu a task, to go to Germany and win the heart of Narsing’s sister whose marriage is fixed with the son of the super don Mukesh (Mahesh Manjrekar). Seenu goes to Germany and wins the heart of Deepthi (Shriya) and later, he discovers a twist which leads to various turns in the story.

What happens after that forms the essence.

Ravi Teja was his usual energetic self and his dialogue delivery with positive body language was enough to charge the audience. He scored well.

Shriya looks stunningly beautiful and just like wine, she is building on her oomph factor and natural beauty as years pass by. She has made a thumping comeback and will remain in the hearts for a long time.

Srihari was his regular style and his typical Telangana dialogue delivery will appeal to the masses.

Anjana looks okay and though she is not pretty, she looked cute in few scenes. Sayaji was standard, Ali gave few smiles, the characters of Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav were also hilarious and their tracks were well etched. Mahesh Manjrekar was moderate, Raghu Babu was alright, Kasturi looks sick, Surekha Vani was brief, the others didn’t have much to offer.

Plus Points:
Ravi Teja’s energy levels
Shriya’s glamour
Comedy by Venu Madhav, Ali and Brahmanandam
Production values

Length of the movie tests patience
No virgin feel in the story (it’s a beaten formula recalling the films like Dhee, Ready, Bujjigadu etc)

In a typical Ravi Teja style, the film is a racy commercial entertainer. The director included the elements of comedy, glamour and rich presentation in good proportions and it is a treat to those who are fond of time pass comedy entertainers. On the flip side, the film has few limitations which could have been tweaked. The length of the film during the second half could have been trimmed Ravi Teja seeks inspiration from Amitabh Bachchan but it is difficult for the front benchers to connect with someone like Amitabh since he is a fading personality in today’s time.

The content was not there as the take off is on a silly note (Dons worrying about their marriage alliances with each other) but thanks to the presentation this got covered up.

The climax was weak and especially the fight sequences which resembled some ‘Tamil Paithyam’, perhaps Ravi Teja is the only star in film history to jump inside a manhole and come out of it breaking the bones of baddies.

Overall, the film would appeal to the B and C center audience in a big way while the A center viewers who are fond of ‘Kick’ type films will also get attracted to it. The biggest asset to the film is Shriya who will pull crowds to the theaters. The dialogues were witty, the script was moderate, the screenplay was above average. Songs were a letdown but the background score was good. Cinematography was impressive. Editing could have been better. Costumes, art department made their presence felt. At the box office, this has the right menu to end up as a profit grosser.


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