Dongala Mutha telugu movie review

Dongala Mutha made headlines because of its new method of filmmaking that included a five-day shoot, an eight member crew and negligible production cost (the actors and technicians will be remunerated from the profits of the film).

‘I wanted to explore the technology of Canon 5D,’ said Varma when he was asked why he chose to make Dongala Mutha.

‘There was no need to shoot beyond five days. We followed a 9am to 6pm schedule on all the days,’ he added.


Dongala Mutha doesn’t carry any content which is appealing. The first half of the film is good but the second half is pathetic and boring. However, the movie will be watched only for his technicalities, otherwise nothing is found interesting in the film.

Quick Take: 5 days making, will surely run for 5 days

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