Drinkers number increasing in winter

The city of Hyderabad has been going through some transition. While the weather is tossing all with chilly winds, reports say there is also an increase in the number of ‘Mandhu Babulu’. This might sound unusual given the massive anti-drunken drive campaign taken out by the Hyderabad cops.

But recently a survey took place and here is the finding – “With cops putting a check on drunken driving, many are taking to early drinking. Evenings itself they are beginning their ‘sessions’ and wrapping it completely before 9pm. Because, from 9 pm onwards the checking starts…”

“Due to this early finishing, they are sleeping by 10.30 pm. Earlier it used to happen till 12 midnight and ladies at home used to have a tough time but now they are ok. However, with this early timing, the daily drinking has risen. Except office goers, the business people are getting more into the evening ‘Sessions’. That way, the anti-drunken drive may have its plusses but is also has its minuses.”

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