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1 RED says EPIC camera is back on track, Scarlet to follow before end of 2010 9
2 AT&T having HSPA upload speed problems in some markets 9
3 White HTC EVO 4G lands early in Best Buy stores (update: unboxing!) 10
4 Hulu Plus on PS3 only requires PlayStation Plus during preview period 9
5 Microsoft's Kin saves a Roots show: a touching recollection by Questlove 7
6 Panasonic FZ35 and Canon SX20 IS superzoom cameras shoot it out in group test, rise to the top 8
7 Lenovo's Liu Chuanzhi: 'we are lucky that Steve Jobs has such a bad temper and doesn't care about China' 3
8 Amazon Kindle dual-screen e-reader patent granted, Barnes & Noble Nook potentially in trouble 7
9 White House pledges another $800 million for broadband stimulus 9
10 Firefox 4 Beta 1 now available for download 9
11 Best Buy Connect wireless service is official, offers contract-free plans 7
12 Voddler video-on-demand service free to the people (of Sweden) 6
13 HTC Gold with Windows Phone 7 in November, and more from a rumored UK roadmap leak 11
14 Motorola Charm spotted in the wild, said to be hitting T-Mobile later this month 9
15 Droid X already knocking on buyers' doors? 6
16 Nintendo, Sega controllers and carts find a new home in the RetroN 3 console 6
17 Twitter for BlackBerry shakes the beta label 6
18 ASUS U43JC and U43F show up at Best Buy boastin' bamboo bods 7
19 Gateway LT32 to hit retailers soon for $450 7
20 Audi Cam lets you watch the entire repair from your mechanic's point of view 7
21 Canon Wonder Camera Concept promises single-lens perfection (video) 8
22 Qualcomm demos augmented reality and peer-to-peer tech, tries to punch cellular gaming's block off (video) 7
23 Sony CECH-ZVS1 Surround Sound System for PS3 hits Japan on September 30th 8
24 Puma Phone now available somewhere you probably don't live 7
25 Nokia sells wireless modem business to Renesas in bid to refocus 8
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