kiran kumar reddy speaker biodata, kiran kumar reddy speaker wiki, kiran kumar reddy speaker

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kiran kumar reddy speaker biodata, kiran kumar reddy speaker wiki, kiran kumar reddy speaker

Kiran Kumar Reddy present Assembly Speaker, Father Late Sri N. Amarnath Reddy belongs to Chittoor district, Date and Place Of Birth: 13th Sept, 1960, born in Hyderabad. Educational Qualification: B. Com., L.L.B, elected 4 terms to assembly. N. Kiran Kumar Reddy is elected from Pileru Assembly Constituency, Chittoor District 2009 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections. After K. Rosaiah submit resignation to Governor ESL Narasimhan, N. Kiran Kumar Reddy is the 1st choice to hi-command to choose Rosaiah successor.
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  1. Congratulation to Mr.Kiran Reddy that he will be our new CM . We have lot of expectation from him whether he can give stability to Andhra Pradesh which is really sinking, he should be keep united Andhra as much as possible .He should be more concern to maintain law and order . General public should fearless in his period.I would like wish him again to change Andhra Pradesh .Best of luck……’

  2. All the best Reddy.
    But Don’t forget YSR and JAGAN like Rasaiah. Move closely with Jagan He will support with u. If u wrong on this, u will be only next 3months only. I expected JAGAN sa a 2nd CM, But u r chithur so no problem.

    Put u r effort On Development like YSR.

  3. MNK.Ramakrishna

    Congratulations! to our new chief minister.
    We wexpect Good Administraion to the public and also maintian the Law and Order as well as Development of the State.And also focus primary necessities of each and every sect in the state.we would like to have him his name to be written with GOLDEN WORDS (he needs to put that much Efforts) for keeping the state in good posiiton.

  4. Congress party is religious party. Their aim is to spread christianity in india. Almost they covered the south part by spreading christianity. Sonia gandhi is christian and she selected YSR and she changed him to christian and now she has selected person who is converted into christianity and he is kiran kumar reddy. And sonia gandhi playing politics by Andhra people. Her aim is, she want Jagan to be next CM. And she is making others fools.

    • Mr. Sunil are you sure Mr. Kiran kumar reddy is converted christian? please tell me

    • What’s wrong if he is converted to christianity. It is his personal choice. Why are you so concerned about religion. India has multi religions. and mind the fact everyone is an Indian. We have a Muslim Vice-President and had a former President a Muslim. The problem is with guys like you who wants to put religion first.

  5. pichi na kodakallara. mundhu mee kompalodhi yelagabettandra pichi munda kodakallarane.
    yee rajakeeeya pichi kadhura penta nayallara mee kompalu correct ga yelagabedithe antha adhe sardhukuntundhi

  6. congrats Sir Seeing you in the Governable Seat of Andhra Pradesh.Hope you will do good in your Respectable duty and healthfully thanking you

    Always With your Respect

    Abdul Rahim

  7. Kiran Sir,

    Congratulations & all the best to you.

  8. dear Sunil,
    this is an excellent statement which I wants to express some where from long time. This religous lady Sonia Gandhi wants all Indians to be Cristians and this is an agenda she and congress planned with conspiracy with the Pope.especially they targeted hindus.so that everybody have to be standup against this.

  9. congratulation to Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy i hope you will be the good CM for us.

  10. Dear Kiran Kumar Reddy garu,

    Congratulations, Iam very happy to see u as a CM of AP. Iam very proud of ur chittoor and reddy. You will be do a work like a YSR, All the best for your future.

  11. dera sir kiran kuma reddy garu
    congratulations, i am very happy congratulations u like ysr polices can do every person want justice like ysr all the best for your future

  12. first of all congratulation to mr. kiran kumar reddy garu on being the new cheif minister of our state, andhra pradesh.

    we expect his dynamic policies for the growth and progress of our state in all sectors of life, not only in agriculture or law and order but also in infrastructure development, information technology, pharma industries, civil services etc. like our state has witnessed progress and development in the leadership of mr. y. s. rajasekhara reddy and the very dynamic leader of our state, the opposition leader mr. nara chandra babu naidu.

    i hope our new cm will lead all the guyz of past.


    “purpose is more important than need”

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