Aadhi speaks about his film
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Thursday, 29 April 2010 03:26

Aadhi is currently acting in the film Kumbamela. While speaking recently to the media, he said,” The post production work of the film Ayyanar is going on. I am currently acting in the film titled Kumbamela directed by Prakash.

This is a family story. There is also action in this film but there is logic for this. It will not exceed the limits and will journey with the story. This film has the backdrop of the city. Poorna is pairing with me. After this I will be acting in a film to be directed by Vasantha Balan.
Pasupathy is also starring with me. Because of this many are asking me whether my role will have significance. Now a day the story is important for a film.

The days are gone where films use to be a hit because of the hero. This film is an action film with the backdrop of the village. The shooting of the film is to commence soon. The title of the film is yet to be decided.”
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