Is Nayan makes suicidal threatening to Prabhu Deva?
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Thursday, 03 June 2010 04:21

Both Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara have been getting along with their personal relationship to a greater extent. These days, they have started chilling out together at parties, long foreign tours, shaking legs together at public occasion and so on. We hear it from the closer sources that Prabhu Deva had plans about breaking his affair with Nayanthara and get back to his wife Ramlath.

Indeed some of the Kollywood personalities had seemingly personally involved themselves into this issue to sort it down. Sooner as Prabhu Deva was supposedly requesting Nayanthara to break up, she seems to have threatened him saying that she will commit suicide if he doesn’t get along with her.
Without any options left in hand, Prabhu Deva has decided to continue his relationship even as his wife has stopped pressurizing him. Even those celebrities got away to keep themselves out from troubled waters.

Since, Nayanthara hasn’t signed any new projects, it’s literally implying that she will get married to Prabhu Deva soon after the completion of pending projects.


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