Manmadha Banam Review | Manmadha Banam Movie Review | Manmadha Banam Telugu Movie Ratings and public Talk, story

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Manmadha Banam Review | Manmadha Banam Movie Review | Manmadha Banam Telugu Movie Ratings and public Talk, story

Manmadha Banam Story

In this film Kamal Hasan is playing the detective role named R. Munnar. R. Munnar (Kamal Hasan) is a retired Army Manager, after retiriment from Army he will start a detective office. Coming to Madhavan, he is playing a Lover boy role named Madana Gopal and Trisha is playing the female lead role of Ambujam. Madhavan is in deep love with Trisha and trying to express his love and struggling to express.
In a different situation Madhavan and Thrisha becomes enemies. After 1 year Madhavan knows that Trisha became an actress in Telugu industry. Then he decided to want know that whether she is loving him or not. To solve this problem Madhana Gopal (Madhavan) went to R Mannar’s ( Kamal Hasan) detective office and says his problem to Kamal Hassan. To know Trisha’s intention Kamal makes friendship with Trisha and attends every shootings of her. Within few days Kamal and Trisha becomes close friends.
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Manmadhan Ambu and Manmadha Banam reviews: Kamal Haasan latest movie Manmadhan Ambu (Manmadha Banam) is released today in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously.There are lots of expectations on Manmadhan Ambu movie (review) as it has legendary Kamal Haasan playing various roles behind and on screen. Kamal Haasan not only played the hero in Manmadha Banam but also has written story and screenplay for this film. He has also sung few songs and has written lyrics too!

Let’s get into the details of Manmadha Banam – Manmadhan Ambu movie in this elaborated Manmadha Banam movie review…


Ambujakshi aka Nisha (Trisha) is a film heroine who falls in love with a multi millionaire Madan Gopal (Madhavan). Madan doesn’t believe in Nisha due to her profession. He thinks that she is having affairs with her costars. Their love is broken due to misunderstandings. However, both Ambu and Madan can’t forget each other even after many days. Madan appoints an Ex Army major R. Bushanam (Kamal Haasan) to spy on Ambu, who is on a holiday trip to Europe along with her close friend Deepa (Sangeetha). Bushanam does this detective business as he in dire need of money as his friend Raja (Ramesh Arvind) is on the death bed fighting with cancer.

Bushanam tries to loyal to Madan at the beginning but the latter deceives him at one point. So Bushanam applies negative tactics to have Madan in control. There is a twist in the tale towards the interval point. We won’t reveal those details in this Manmadha Banam review.


Understandably this movie starts off with a snail pace as the director takes time to elevate Madan’s character. Unfortunately the director maintains his snail pace even after getting into the actual story. Movie runs with a speed which can even beat a snail in slowness at times. The story is good and the conflicts are perfectly set. Even few sequences are good with thought provoking dialogue. However, it is the pace of the film that keeps you off the screen. Few scenes are dragged to the maximum that you lose patience and move uneasily in your seat. Even you might slip into sleep if you haven’t had a good night sleep.

The story never picks up pace at all and at one point you wonder that the projector might have forgotten to put an interval card. Even the interval twist can be predicted as enough clues are given by then. Second half starts on the same note but the film starts to irritate you as the characters turn out to be annoying from this point. The only best part that can be remembered and praised about is the way the flashback of Kamal is picturized. Showing his flashback episode completely in a rewind mode with a song playing in the background is good technique.

The film is almost over after Kamal narrates his flashback and the director then started to pull out a comedy out of this by creating lot of confusion among the characters. That has boomeranged and kicks out the little enthusiasm and energy out of you as the characters takes you out to an unbearable fun ride.


It is unnecessary to state that Kamal Haasan did a good job as an actor. Characters like these are cake walk for him. He simply sleepwalked and scored cent percent marks. Madhavan in his complex role is good. He did an excellent job in the fist half. But once his character takes to boozing all the time, Madhavan starts to irritate you. On a whole he did fine. Trisha is ok. She suited the character to the tee. Chinmayi dubbed for her and it takes time for us to adjust to.

Sangeetha’s role gets on your nerves and Jhansi dubbing did more damage to it. Urvasi is fine and others are up to their task. Suriya played blink and a miss role.


Cinematography is rich and sophisticated. Music by Devisri Prasad is not bad. Editing is too bad. At least 40 min of runtime can be edited out from this film. Story written by Kamal Haasan is good. Screenplay spoiled the fun especially in the second half. Production values are rich. Europe locations are a treat to watch.

KS Ravi Kumar has given some memorable comedies with Kamal Haasan in the past. But Manmadha Banam comes nowhere near to any of it. To sum it up Manmadha Banam is more of a romantic tragedy than romantic comedy!

Plus Points:

- Kamal Haasan

Minus points:

- Snail pace
- Irritating second half
- Unbearable climax

Final Word:

Manmadhan Ambu might do well in Tamil given the star image of Kamal Haasan. Manmadha Banam cannot please Telugu audience as this comic tragedy doesn’t suit their tastes.

We don’t recommend this movie. But you’ve always a choice whether to watch Manmadha Banam – Manmadhan Ambu or not by going through the reviews.

Manmadha Banam (Manmadhan Ambu) review Rating: 2/5

Banner: Lakshmi Ganapathi Films
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Trisha, Madhavan, Sangeetha
Story: Kamal Haasan, Crazy Mohan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Udhayanidhi Stalin
Director: K. S. Ravikumar

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