Obama Visit in India | Barak obama US President in Delhi

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obama visit in india | barak obama us president in delhi

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us president barack obama’s visit india. Just days after the midterm elections, president barack obama will fly to asia for a four-country diplomatic tour, which is bound to be a relief in galore ways. taj mahal hotel prepares premium liquor cabinet for barack obama

new delhi after much speculation and jostling with dates, us president barack obama is slated to make his original official visit to india in november second week.

it’s learnt that both sides have agreed to hold the visit on november 7-10 after the conclusion of congressional elections in the us.

now that a set of dates is on the table, sources said, preparations have prior to the specified or implied time begun with november 8 being planned as the day for barack obama official meetings.

while details of barack obama retinue are still not known, it’s widely expected that his family are going to be accompanying him. One of the main considerations in slotting the dates was that the us president wanted to bring his daughters to india.

prime minister manmohan singh had invited obama to visit india in his original congratulatory telephonic conversation on november 12, 2008 after the latter won a historical election. He reaffirmed the invitation in his letter to obama once he formally assumed office in january 2009.

subsequently, on his visit to washington as the original state guest of the obama presidency last november, singh declared that a “very warm welcome awaits him and his family in india”. Obama accepted the invitation and said he would be visiting india soon. Since then, the positive aim on both sides had sparked off speculation over dates as the white house tried to find a convenient timeframe.

farther, obama’s white house chief of staff rahm emanuel decisive to spend his new year vacation in india last december. Even though it was a private visit that saw him tour the jim corbett national park, galore cities in rajasthan beside getting a feel of old delhi, his trip was seen as an indicator that white house was severely planning a presidential visit.

in this context, the bilateral strategical dialog in washington in the original week of june assumes signification. While external affairs minister s m krishna are going to be leading the indian delegation, he are going to be accompanied by deputy chairman of the planning montek singh ahluwalia, science & technology minister prithviraj chavan and hrd minister kapil sibal. Alien secretary nirupama rao too are going to be there to hold talks with us beneath secretary of state for political affairs william burns.

this is the original round of the dialog, which was original agreed when us secretary of state hillary clinton visited india, but now the focus will clearly be on the deliverables for the november visit. It’s learnt that national security advisor shivshankar menon and his us counterpart jim jones have in addition been in regular contact over phone. Menon is in addition required to visit washington soon.

already, both sides have reached an agreement on the arrangement and procedures for reprocessing us-origin spent fuel. With the government working overtime to have the civil nuclear indebtednesses bill cleared by parliament in the monsoon session, the visit could signal conclusion of all remaining steps on the nuclear deal.

but the two sides are going to be hoping to accomplish a swell deal more with far-reaching announcements on key pillars of the strategical cooperative relationship. India has been taking up the issue of lifting restrictions on galore of its entities to advance joint operation in high technology areas. All these different distinct elements of the kinship will now be beneath sharp focus as both sides are eager to turn the visit into a “big success”.

the president will leave behind the bruising partisan politics of the domestic arena for the friendly turf of india, indonesia, south korea and japan. At the same time, in his role as u. S. Diplomat-in-chief, obama wields big power, even as he likely loses galore clout at home with changes in congress.

it’s likely to be a good time to get out of dodge — galore conservative critics have even portrayed the trip as a flight to stay clear from awkward questions in regards to democratic election losses. But most analysts say the trek to asia is principal and, if anything, overdue.

“the agenda that the president has in front of him is a sensitive one, all the more so, arguably, to show that the leader of the united states is still a strong, functioning and creditable presence, even with galore presumed domestic political setbacks,” said nicholas eberstadt, a politics and economy scholar at the conservative american enterprise institute.

it’s in addition “a very good time for a president of the united states to reassure allies and friends, given galore of the activities and anxiety and concern in regards to chinese behavior this last year,” he said.

the president’s itinerary includes two major across the world summits: the annual 21-nation asia pacific economic joint operation (apec) forum in yokohama, japan, and the g-20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors from the world’s 20 wealthiest nations in seoul, south korea. Apec is at all times scheduled in november — after u. S. Voting on election years to see to it u. S. Participation. The u. S. President has attended all but two apec summits since 1993, when president bill clinton added the meeting to the list of annual economic discussions. Vice president al gore stood in for clinton in 1995 and 1998.

priority number one

the united states remains the largest economy on the planet, so of course you want to make it possible for the u. S. President to be there,” said donald emmerson, conductor of the southeast asia forum at stanford university. “the most consequential for the globe is what happens in seoul. … rebalancing the across the world economy is probably the number one priority. ”

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“there is an enormous amount at stake,” agreed jonathan pollack, a professor of asian and pacific studies at the naval war college in newport, r. I. “these aren’t drive-bys. They’re more than that. These are societies and leaders we must be interacting with. ”

before the summits, obama will remunerate his original visit to india, picking up where his predecessor president george w. Bush started to substantially exaggerate ties. In addition to u. S. Interests in the market — india’s population is projected to surpass that of china in the following 20 years — the u. S. Has strategical interests in the country as a counterbalance to china and as an associate in an activity or endeavor in the war on terrorism.

“and in india there is galore angst over the pullout date that obama declared along with the surge (in afghanistan),” said walter lohman, conductor of the asian studies center at the inheritance foundation, a conservative think tank washington d. C. Think tank. “if we get out of afghanistan before the job is done, they’re going to be the ones on the front lines. They have a much more spectacular terrorism problem than we do and have for a long time. ”

there is symbolic signification to obama’s visit to india. In the simplest terms, the president needs to demonstrate that the south asian country is equivalent in importance to china, where the president has already salaried a visit.

deals for india?

in addition to ascertaining new delhi that the u. S. Is dedicated to the kinship, obama’s trip can in addition be the moment to roll out tangible perks for new delhi, such as announcing weapons sales or easing of sell restrictions.

obama will in addition visit indonesia, a country where he spent percentage of his childhood. The archipelago — which stretches in regards to as far as the united states is extensive — contains chances for the united states as a major consumer market, strategical military collaborator, ally in the war on terror and for its wealth of natural resources, to name a small amount of. Potential on all these fronts has flourished over the last decade since indonesia ousted military dictator suharto and kept democratic elections.

obama is uniquely positioned to make advancement with jakarta, but putting his feet on the ground now is a diplomatic of the utmost importance, since he canceled two previously scheduled trips to indonesia for domestic reasons (shepherding the health care package to a vote and responding to the deepwater horizon oil spill. )

most frequent

“i think it’s actually principal that he’s making the trip… after a small amount of false starts,” said the inheritance foundation’s lohman. “indonesia is a prominent probability for the u. S. To cultivate a much deeper kinship. (but) it requires continual attention to show them that we are working on it, that we are fascinated. ”

in parallel show of interest, secretary of state hillary clinton is in addition on a multi-country trip through asia, with an ambitious agenda that spans cambodia, papua new guinea, australia and guam.

nudging china …

these visits are substantial for their content but in addition for the implicit message that they send to territorial giant, china, which has in the last year taken a markedly more aggressive tone in economic and territorial disputes in the region.

“a rising china, and the dynamic it is bringing forth, forces us to think in regards to our role in asia,” said elizabeth economy, conductor for asia studies at the council on alien relations. “we of a sudden have reached realize that our interests can become severely challenged. ”


“we will protest the visit of obama, wherever he goes in india, if government fails to make it clear till his arrival that it’s not going to open fdi in multi-brand retailing,” spokesman of swadeshi jagaran manch (sjm) ashwani mahajan told reporters here.

claiming to have the support of bhartiya majdoor sangh (bms) and akhil bhartiya vidyarthi parishad (abvp), he said the sjm has “tentatively” decisive to stage a protest in this connection here on november 8 but said the date and venue of the agitation could be changed.

criticising the government for initiating a discussion on opening of fdi in multi-brand retailing, mahajan alleged that by this “stance”, it has made its aim “very clear” that it’s attempting to sell “great” indian market worth over 20 lakh crore to the interest of mncs.

“us marketing giant wal-mart stores inc ceo michael t duke has been camping in the capital for the last few months, in front of the tour of us president, to lobby for opening up multi-brand retailing for mncs”, he alleged.

accusing commerce minister anand sharma of “always pushing forward the interest of usa and other formulated countries”, mahajan claimed that entry of alien companies in multi-brand retailing was a threat to the existence of over 3 crore humans engaged in the marketing sector along with another 1. 7 crore in subsidiary sector.

he said the parliamentary standing committee had recommended against opening the marketing sector for fdi.

“giving scant esteem to the recommendations of the committee of apex decision making institution of the country, the government has selected to appease the us president. This looks even more adverse in view of obama’s open policy to stall outsourcing business of india,” he said.

mahajan in addition questioned the “reasonableness” in the government’s decision to initiate a discussion on the issue on the basis of the determinations of icrier, a research organisation, which came to a conclusion “for whole of india only by interviewing 2020 small retailers, 1318 consumers and 197 farmers who grow cauliflowers”.

marveling why only icrier conducted by isher judge ahluwalia, who is planning commission deputy chairman montek singh ahluwalia’s wife, was selected twice for carrying out research, he asked, “there are other good research oganisations in india. Why only icrier? ”

he said sjm “strongly” condemns the discussion paper issued on opening of gdi for multi-brand retailing and rejects the “so called finding” of icrier, alleging that “they are clearly motivated”.


one recent dust-up came over the summer when a chinese official told a reporter that beijing considers the south china sea to be a “core national interest. ” this choice of words — normally reserved exclusively for tibet and taiwan — suggested that china considers its territorial claims over the big body of water nonnegotiable. Five other southeast asian countries — including taiwan, which china considers its rightful territory — have overlapping claims on the sea and oil that is thought to lie beneath. Chinese officials haven’t denied the comment nor the strategical shift that it seems to signal.

president obama’s asia itinerary

nov. 5-8—president obama (arriving on the 6th) attends cultural and business events in mumbai and meets with indian prime minister in delhi.

nov. 9-10—president visits indonesia, meets with indonesian president and gives an address to indonesian populace.

nov. 11-13—president attends g20 meetings in seoul, south korea, and meets with president of china.

nov. 13-14—president attends asia pacific economic joint operation leaders meeting in seoul, south korea, and contains bilateral meetings with leaders of india and russia.

at a meeting of the territorial security forum in hanoi in july, secretary of state clinton for the original time effectively rejected china’s claims to sovereignty over the sea, with the backing of 11 other nations. Still, the tension over the territory, its presumed resources and the key shipping lanes remains high.

in another recent incident, a collision in disputed waters between a chinese fishing boat and a japanese coast guard vessel blew up into a major diplomatic fracas, reviving a territorial dispute that the two sides agreed to shelve 30 years ago.

in one sense there is nothing unusual in regards to obama and clinton visiting allies in the region, specially after a amount of time when the president was preoccupied with domestic worries — from the bp oil spill to the midterm elections. But it’s in addition a reminder to beijing that it should not throw its weight around.

“there’s small doubt that the chinese feel the u. S. Has come roaring back into the region in a way they hadn’t envisioned, and not entirely in a way that they welcome,” economy, of the council on alien relations, said of the trips.

the institution are going to be cautious, however, not to signal that it wants to isolate or contain china’s growth and successfulness. The u. S. Economy and interests are far too enmeshed with china’s to launch a cold war. President obama will quietly meet with chinese president hu jintao at the g20 meeting to undertake to ease strains over territory and currency. Hu is in addition required to visit to washington in early 2011.

the sino-u. S. Kinship cannot be ignored, but the crusade to reconnect with others in the region is in addition vital, said pollack of the naval war college.

“it’s an underlying message president obama has tried to present all along … to make a connection between americans own successfulness and these (emerging) economies and societies,” he said.

as for winning populace relations points, the economic case can be too abstract for the audience back home. But images from the trip can generate a loyal glow,

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