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Wednesday, 11 August 2010 17:05


Filmmakers Abbas and Mustan Burmawala are upset with Katrina Kaif’s attitude and the manner of her departure from their first home production, a remake of The Italian Job. She had even given her dates for the film.

When asked Abbas and Mustan about their reaction to Katrina’s walkout from The Italian Job, they said,

We are shocked, hurt and extremely disappointed with Katrina’s behaviour. We never expected her to behave like this with us. We have worked with many big stars from Shahrukh Khan to Akshay Kumar but this is the first time that anyone has behaved so unprofessionally with us. We have never hurt anybody and never spoken ill about anyone. Neither do we intend to do that now but we are still in shock as to why Katrina walked out after liking and approving the script and saying yes to it.

However, it seems the ambitious actress has ditched them for Yashraj Films’ upcoming flick opposite Imran Khan. It so happened that two week ago, the director duo called her for some pre production work but she ignored their calls. They first assumed that she might be busy and were expecting her to call back but that didn’t happen. After repeated messages her secretary informed that she won’t be able to do their film as she has signed Yashraj Films.

The fuming producers are now looking for a quick replacement and are also approaching producers association to get back the hefty sum that they have paid the actress in advance.

Although their last film ‘Seven Days In Paris’ got shelved due to some issues in script and same has been the problem with ‘Italian Job’.

Well Kats, you should have at least remembered ‘Race’ that brought you a foothold in the industry.

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