Sheena playing an arrogant and pricey girl
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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 08:41

Actress Sheena Nayyar is all set for her Bollywood debut with the suspense thriller ‘Mallika’. Following the path of super sexy bombshell Mallika Sherawat, Sheena too has some sizzling scenes in the flick where she stars opposite Sameer Dattani.

The movie, made under the banner of PPC Horrotainment in association with Glorious Entertainment, is directed by Wilson Louis, who is known for making horror thrillers. The movie also stars Himanshu Mallik, Suresh Menon, Rajesh Khera, Arjun Mahajan, and Pooja Ballutia. The flick is all set to hit the screens on 3rd September 2010.

Sheena plays the role of Sanjana who is an arrogant and pricey girl coming from a rich background. Sanjana is haunted by nightmares and vivid visions of a murder that took place in the house years before she moved in. She has a special gift or rather a curse to see the unseen… to witness the dark past of any place she inhabits. Sameer Dattani plays Saahil, a creative director at an Ad agency and a keen violinist.


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