carrom game | carrom board, carrom board game, carom

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carrom game | carrom board, carrom board game, carom

Carrom is a family of tabletop games sharing a similarity in that their mechanics lie somewhere between billiards and table shuffleboard. The game has various other names around the world, including carrum, couronne, carum, karam, karom, karum, fatta (Punjabi) and finger billiards.


The origins of carrom are uncertain, although western sources suggest that the game is of Indian origin.[1] Variations of the game played with a cue stick similar to those used in billiards-type games may have independently developed in several cases as a mixture of billiards and shuffleboard.
International Carrom Federation (ICF) formed for the first time in the year 1988 in Madras. It was in the same year the Laws for carom was codified. Carrom federation can be traced back to Madras a city in India.
The game is very popular in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Pakistan). Similar games are played throughout the world, and may or may not share common origins with carrom. There is a carrom-like game also played with cues in China. Games similar to carrom appear all over Asia, for example vindi vindi in Fiji and szhe szhe in Israel. Some variants make use of discarded objects instead of fashioned playing pieces; bottle caps are used for games similar to carrom in both Mexico and Java.[citation needed] Various North American and European games bear a resemblance to (and may be related to) carrom, including crokinole, pitchnut, pichenotte and novuss.

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