Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni removed From Big Boss 4 | Sameer Soni and Dolly Bindra fight Videos

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Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni Evicted From Big Boss 4 | Sameer Soni and Dolly Bindra fight Videos:

Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni evicted from Bigg Boss: Just hours after being issued a notice by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry for airing explicit content, popular reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ has evicted two participants, actors Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni, for violent behaviour.

The two ‘inmates’ were evicted after they got into a fist fight, breaking the show’s rules which prohibit physical violence, said sources in the channel Colors.

The eviction comes the same day that the I and B Ministry asked the channel to move the show, hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, to a 11 PM slot from it’s prime time 9 PM position.

Bindra, who had earned the ire of all her fellow participants with her abusive behaviour was having an argument with actress Shweta Tiwari, when Soni stepped in as peacemaker.

But the argument soon turned ugly and Soni and Bindra ended up exchanging blows, said the source.

The decision to evict Sameer Soni from Big Boss has caused an outrage by the Big Boss 4 fans. It is true that Sameer Soni was quite dignified and very calm and gentle till the fight with Dolly Bindra. But, contrary to popular perception, Sameer Soni was waiting to explode.

Sameer Soni had been bottling up. The signs of cracking and negative thinking was revealed when he was in the confession box. Sameer had talked about Dolly Bindra. He had already made up his mind that he would be in conflict with Dolly one day. He also said that Dolly cannot get physical and can just verbally fight. So, he had already made up this scenario in his mind. Looks like he had made a winning scenario in his head “stand up against dolly and she will retreat.” He had no plans for the Dolly crossing the border scenario.

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  1. dolly deserved to go but sameer well he should have not got involve in the fight

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