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Director Mysskin has always had his own distinctive style when it comes to film-making. His stories are deceptively simple, yet the screenplay works with the camera to produce a neatly choreographed dance, where shots are never revealed fully, and you’re guessing the players and the game itself, until the last minute.

After Nandhalala, he has come out with Yuddham Sei (Wage War) produced by Kalpathi S Agoram. This time, he takes up the meaty tale of a murder mystery, and has had a blast unraveling the whodunit. Such genres are practically untouched in Tamil cinema, and he deserves kudos for taking it up.

In typical Mysskin fashion, things start out slowly with a mysterious edge. You’ve a young girl trying to get a ride at night, in the pouring rain. The auto she asks doesn’t budge, and she moves away only to have the auto-driver run after her.