Hyderabad news today | Telangana bandh tomorrow

A organisation of pro-Telangana students on Monday attempted to boat into Andhra Pradesh open formidable notwithstanding large confidence cover while aroused protests rocked the state collateral through the day. Violence one after another around the Osmania University campus.

Police arrested about 100 students from Osmania and other universities in Telangana as they attempted to come in the open complex. Police baton-charged students, between them girls, to forestall them from entering the building.

However, the open was not in the event as it had shelved progressing in the day but transacting any commercial operation among mass confusion over Telangana issue.

The situation took place notwithstanding large confidence clamp-down by military and paramilitary forces around the open formidable to foil the students’ march. They have demanded evident stairs for arrangement of a apart Telangana state.

Breaking the confidence cordon, a organisation of 6 students managed to strech the categorical embankment of the open formidable and lifted slogans of ‘Jai Telangana’. Even as military arrested them, another organisation entered the open premises through the adjoining open gardens.

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