Aamir Khan starts web blog for online fitness club
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Saturday, 22 May 2010 12:29

A group on Facebook says: Affiliation: Actor, Location: Mumbai, India, Birthday: March 14, 1965. Just below, you see the number of people who like this page, and it is an astonishing 248,170 people. But then again, the picture on the page make matters more plausible. It's Aamir Khan's Facebook page after all. The man has now planned an online health club on his blog and Facebook page where he would keep one and all updated about his health and fitness regimen while he answers questions about films and gives diet suggestions. Well, it was regular Facebook page but turned into a "let's get fit" one, thanks to Aamir's fans and his own need to get into shape.

On May 15, 2010 Aamir posted the following message on his page: "Visited my dietician today. You don't want to know what he said to me. I certainly don't want anyone to know. I really need to get back into shape. Enough partying and revelling in the success of 3I. So Monday onwards back to my diet and workout. Support guys, I need your support and encouragement." And in came hundreds of messages of love and encouragement that eventually inspired a joint effort towards looking good and feeling healthy. The motivated Aamir finally wrote, "Ok this fun. Many of you want to know how we can do this. I can't post more than a certain number of characters here So for those of you who want to join me, in the next 20 mins I will post a plan on my site www.aamirkhan.com, check it out and really go for it. It will be great motivation for me too."

Since then, Aamir has been blogging about health tips, diet routines and dos & don'ts when it comes to all things fit and fine. To say he has a following on the battle of the bulge is an understatement. On May 16, Aamir wrote a blog which can easily go down as a step-by-step guide to getting fit for the beginners. He started out by advising his fans on how to take the first and most important step towards weight loss. He blogged:

"First things first. Let me share with you what I learnt in the last few years in the process of building a physique, losing weight etc.

3 things are most important, and in that order:

1. A healthy and balanced diet.

2. Exercise.

3. Rest.

Actually exercise and rest are equally important, but the most important is a healthy and balanced diet."

He went on to explain the mantra to a balanced diet. It's easy to see his passion that ranges from film to well, almost everything he does. Like every other celebrity, he didn't go about giving gyaan on what to do but even warned the members of this newly founded club that can be easily called as "Aamir's fitness club", of the fad diets that one is usually put under. To quote him, "the best way to get a healthy and balanced diet for yourself is to visit a qualified dietician. Not the dieticians who put you onto new fad diets, like high protein diets, low carb diets, blood group diets, don't eat carbs at night diets, Atkins diet, Santa Barbara diets, 'have this pill' diet, 'eat only 'this' one day and 'that' on another day' diet, falana diet, dhamka diet, etc."

So geared up was Aamir that he readily wanted to go into action. He motivated all his fans with his fitness funda and ended the blog of the day with an action plan. "lets make a group who decides to live healthy. Anyone who wants to join can. Each one of us is responsible for figuring out a diet for ourselves, a workout/sport/walking schedule, and a rest schedule.

You decide what is good for you. And stick to it. And every night on fb I post how I fared that day and in response you comment on my post. That way all the comments are tagged together to my post in one space, and so it will be easier for all of us to stay together on this one topic. If one of us is finding it tough the others can encourage.

I start Monday!"

Well! For all of you who are tired of those celebrity fitness DVDs and gyaan in books, here's the real deal. A club by the celebrity who not just gives you unlimited literature on fitness but talks about his own routine and lip ups. And the best part being he encourages you at every go.


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