Actress Anushka Shetty speaks about herself
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Saturday, 19 June 2010 09:37

Anushka while speaking about her said,” I was born in Mangalore and brought up in Bangalore. I have studied BCA in the famous Mount Carmel College were lot of heroines studied. Many are thinking my nickname is Sweetie. It is wrong. My real name itself is Sweetie Shetty.

I have changed my name as Anushka for cinema. I learnt Yoga to teach others. But the Telugu director who came to my yoga class made me a heroine. My yoga master is Bharath Thakur. I am not fond of jewels. I will not wear jewels. But for the film Arundhathi I had to wear 12 kilos of jewels. My mother seeing me with jewels was very happy.

I am getting lot of offers because of my personality and height but I always thought that I should have been little shorter. My next Telugu film is being produced by my make-up man. He was doing make-up for so many years and when he requested me to act, I readily agreed.

I have the habit of noting down the interesting proverbs and quotes and whenever I am depressed I read this and get rejuvenated. I am a lonely person. I can stay in my room for the whole day alone. I do cardio exercises for 40 minutes and yoga afterwards. After 8 I will not eat. In the night I have early dinner. This is my fitness style.

I interviewed Thamanna for a TV channel and we became very close. I am very fond of vegetarian foods but I can cook good non vegetarian dishes. Whenever I get time I go to Bangalore where I run my own restaurant.”


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