Dhanush says he is not directing any film
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 07:31

Dhanush is back in Chennai after a long schedule of Uthama Puthiran (see pic) in south Tamilnadu. He is finishing the patch work and dubbing of Aadukalam and is then back to the sets of Maapillai.
The actor prefers to remain silent and is working round the clock in three projects simultaneously. Says Dhanush: “The Palani schedule of the film was too hectic as the heat was unbearable, but we had a cool team of director Mitran Jawahar,
and Karunas”.
On the news doing the rounds that Dhanush is directing a short film, the actor laughs: “I just can’t figure out how people write such baseless reports without checking with me. I do have this passion of shooting my family and friends on my handy-cam. And incidentally when Divya Spandana visited my wife, I was not even at home”.
The actor added that he has no intention of directing any short film as of now as his hands are full.


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