Movie Review: Singam
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Saturday, 29 May 2010 01:55

Movie : Singam
Production: Sun Pictures, Big Pictures and Studio Green Productions
Direction: Hari
Star-casts: Surya, Anushka, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Radha Ravi, Nizhalgal Ravi, Bose Venkat and many others

First things first, you guys must watch ‘Singam’, even if you aren’t an ardent buff of Surya or Hari. The reason is that it has got all the specified elements that define a top-class entertainment catering to the tastes of all cohorts.

A hunky cop bashing down roughnecks single-handed, tripping legs with his ladylove, finest challenges tackled between good and baddie is all what it makes ‘Singam’ – a stunning film.

The film centers on Durai Singam (Surya), a sincere cop, who joins the service for his father’s (Radha Ravi) request. It doesn’t mean a great job to him as he wants to be a part of his dad’s business, i.e. provision stores. But he keeps settling down each and every dispute in town by his good means as he perceives everyone to be his close relatives. Then comes cute, zippy girl Kavya (Anushka) for vacation in Nalloore and falls in love with Durai Singam for his specialties. But things take a different turn in the tale with the entry of deadly ruffian Mayil Vaaganam (Prakash Raj), who runs kidnap racketing. When, he’s out on a conditional bail to report everyday at Nalloore police station, he avoids by taking things for granted by sending his fellowmen. Honesty takes its possession, when Durai Singam orders Mayil to be at station within couple of hours or else threatens him to be barged behind bars.

Here starts the speculative situation as Singam is transferred on promotion to Chennai, but Mayil Vaaganam personally recommends him to be posted at Thiruvanmiyur Police Station patently for settling scores.

What follows next is a series of cat and mouse game that makes you move towards edge of seats.

Surya himself acts as the biggest brand to sell the film and on pars is Hari’s stunning screenplay. Not even a single moment you would feel so restless and annoyed just as it happened with some of the previous commercial films. Anushka has more to do with this film unlike her previous shows, in which she was precisely utilized for glamorous factors. Vivek’s comedy is quite okay, but not to the expected levels. Prakash Raj’s sleepwalking through the same baddie role doesn’t make us irksome rather electrifies the script.

You’ll keep counting what’s gonna happen next and further for every 5 minutes as you wouldn’t feel that 2.5 hours as already passed by end of show.

Devi Sri Prasad’s musical score is an added value while cinematography and editing adds more momentum to this racy screenplay.

On the whole, the producers can keep themselves ahead on cloud nine as the film is sure to cross 100 days with houseful shows across many centres.

Hats off to director Hari and we expect the sort of show with his upcoming films as well.

Verdict: A Must watch


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