“My joy was doubled” says Arjun Rampal
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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 08:41

Arjun Rampal who will be seen opposite two glamorous women of the industry in his forthcoming movie, We Are Family says that working with two of the best actresses in Bollywood was an interesting job. “My joy was doubled as I have been pitted against two beautiful women, but then I have been a really big fan of Kajol and watching her work itself is a joy. It was not easy to act with them. Off the sets, I bonded with Kareena a lot because she is a great foodie. We planned dinners and even went on dates for dinner. Of course, Saif joined us too,” he adds later.

He reveals further that he had to shoot with Kareena in a convertible for a song. “We were in a convertible for over 12 hours. Kareena was very entertaining.”

Playing a father to three children in the film was very easy says Arjun. “Since I have my own kids, I was comfortable. I have two daughters but no son, so I would imagine how it would be to have a conversation with a son. Kajol is a hands-on mother and it shows in the film. Kareena has no children so she had to create her own style,” says Rampal.


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