Hansika always wish to play the guitar
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Monday, 12 April 2010 11:56

Child artist-turned-heroine Hansika Motwani, who is set to debut in Kollywood with Dhanush's Maapillai after making her presence felt in both Tollywood and Bollywood, always wanted to play the guitar! So, the rising star recently bought a guitar and also hired a professional guide to teach the basics of the instrument.
"It's an amazing feeling to make music, I feel so rejuvenated playing the guitar and I can't wait to learn more. The Internet has been a brilliant information resource for me if I am doing something wrong; if I want to check something new things, I can immediately check it online," the actress says.
When quizzed about how she suddenly took on this instrument, she quipped: "The song in 3 Idiots inspired me, I just loved the song so much and wanted to learn the guitar to sing the song, 'Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain.' This is the first song I want to learn and I will definitely play it someday!"

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