Tusshar too protective: Ekta Kapoor
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Monday, 23 August 2010 21:41

Ever since she can remember, soap queen and ‘hit’ film producer Ekta Kapoor hasn’t missed tying a rakhi on her younger brother Tusshar’s wrist. “My mother (Shobha Kapoor) will absolutely kill him if he misses out on this ritual,” says Ekta.

She laughs and adds, “Sometimes he has to wait till noon for me to wake up as I work until late in the nights. Then I have this whole routine of taking a shower, doing my puja and only after that am I ready for the rakhi ritual. But whatever the situation, my mother will not allow him to leave the house until I have tied him the rakhi.”

Ekta says what she totally loves about Tusshar is the fact that he is very protective about her. “He won’t tolerate anyone taking potshots at me,” she says. “He can take jokes about himself. But if someone says anything derogatory about me, he flares up. Or walks out. I remember that Tusshar refused to go on a television show because someone said something derogatory about me on that very show. It took us great convincing (almost four months) to get him to relent. He is my kid brother but he is a jaan,” she says, basking in her brother’s unconditional love for her.

Tusshar on his part doesn’t mind Ekta’s ‘good-natured’ bullying. In fact, he admires her for the super-success story that she is. Says he, “I love rakhi because it brings Ekta and me one thread closer.” In the past Tusshar has relied only on his mum to help him buy Ekta a gift. “My mother knows her tastes better than I do,” he confesses. However this year Tusshar intends to spoil Ekta. “I usually end up giving her some jewellery and a couple of perfumes. But today I’m planning to bribe her by giving her “something big” because I want her to promote my next film Shor. Ekta is currently on a roll with Love Sex Aur Dhoka and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. And I want her to promote Shor well, because I’m in it.” Ekta gives in. She says, “As a return gift for rakhi I promise to do what Tusshar wants.”

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